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Three Benefits that Make Jira Service Management An Industry-Leading Enterprise Platform

By Elizabeth Clor

As the world continues to shift towards online experiences, the sustainable digitalization of business-critical operations and user experiences have become the driving forces behind an organization’s enterprise strategy. 

To manage this growing need to deliver end-to-end services—especially to remote users— organizations of all sizes and industries are extending IT service management (ITSM) principles across the entire business to bring new online services to life for functions such as Human Resources (HR), legal, facilities, marketing, finance and more. This approach, dubbed Enterprise Service Management (ESM), has quickly gained traction across organizations and industries seeking new ways for departments to deliver digital services internally and externally. With the right platform, organizations of any size can create their own fully customized self-service portals for any business need. 

An Industry Leading Enterprise Platform

Atlassian is pioneering this modern take on service delivery. Forrester recently named Atlassian a leader in ESM delivery thanks to the strategy and offering of its innovative Jira Service Management (JSM) platform. Designed to help organizations deliver great services fast, JSM has enabled thousands of organizations to develop a high-velocity approach to service delivery across the business. 

Here are three distinct benefits of ESM reported by JSM users and how a certified Atlassian Solutions Provider like Contegix can help enterprise teams unlock the full power of JSM customization.   

1) Faster time to value

Subpar service experiences for customers or internal users can plague an organization and burden its employees. Jira Service Management’s (JSM) powerful platform helps even non-technical organizations build, customize and deploy great service experiences fast. The intuitive platform comes with pre-built templates for common business functions to easily add automation and workflow visibility to online service delivery. 

For example, business teams could ask for the legal team’s help drafting a new contract or an employee could submit an HR request using the same kind of self-service portal they’d expect from an IT help desk or SaaS application. Using JSM, departments from HR to legal, facilities, marketing, finance and more can easily build and share custom, no-code forms where employees or external users can get quick and clear responses to online requests. 

2) Improved visibility and workflow

For ESM to be effective, information must flow across teams to both inform and facilitate good decision making. This requires a solution that can seamlessly integrate into desired workflows, while also connecting development and operations teams for more effective collaboration across functions. 

JSM provides enterprise teams a shared source of truth for collaboration, which empowers workers to move fast and also operate autonomously in their corner of the operations workflow. For example, JSM comes equipped with features allowing organizations to easily receive, manage and track users’ requests in one central location for tighter collaboration on end-user services and faster issue resolution. 

And since JSM is built on the Jira Software platform, enterprise teams also have access to a robust set of over 1,000 tools and integrations through the Atlassian Marketplace. This includes the capability to link JSM tickets to Jira so teams can instantly know when software issues arise to provide faster support and resolution. 

3) Better collaboration across teams 

Great service delivery involves more than just one team, which is why organizations need to coalesce their ESM strategy around teamwork and collaboration. 

According to Forrester, JSM is the only ESM solution that unites enterprises through a single, cost-effective platform. JSM helps teams create standardized, repeatable and scalable service delivery practices across departments to unlock Atlassian’s high-velocity approach to ESM. For example, JSM makes it easy not only to develop intuitive and responsive customer-facing apps, but also to link these services to cross-functional processes across the business since each department is connected using the same platform.

Bringing an ESM strategy to life 

Choosing the right tool or provider is just one piece of the puzzle to unlocking the distinct benefits of an ESM approach, though. Navigating new ESM processes, setting up enterprise teams’ workflows and getting the most out of the robust customization of a platform like JSM can be overwhelming for organizations to manage alone. 

With the help of an expert Atlassian solutions partner like Contegix, organizations can confidently execute their ESM strategy and take their use of the robust JSM platform to the next level. Contegix’s team of experts can provide invaluable expertise and support, from the initial setup to long-term performance tuning, even helping non-technical organizations create fully customized service portals and features across any business department or need. 

With the help of an Atlassian expert like Contegix, organizations can realize the full potential and unique benefits of JSM and ESM processes.

For more information on bringing an ESM approach to life using Atlassian’s JSM and Contegix, check out our ebook: The Ultimate Guide to Jira Service Management.

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