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How Atlassian’s Unique Approach to IT Service Management Tools Can Support Your Organization

By Elizabeth Clor

Over the past year and a half, the heroic efforts of IT teams have played a pivotal role in keeping businesses and services alive by building digital experiences to support a remote-first world. But even as IT departments shift gears from “emergency mode” to looking ahead to the future, the pace of digitalization is unlikely to slow down anytime soon. Going forward, IT professionals will still be essential to enable business-critical operations and optimize digital experiences to meet the needs of users. 

In order to keep pace, more than 60% of organizations are reprioritizing technology budgets and considering how to adapt and modernize IT service management (ITSM). ITSM is how IT teams manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services to users (whether customers or employees). Modern ITSM is driven by the idea that IT should deliver and manage solutions on an ongoing basis in a service-based model, rather than addressing issues after something breaks. 

This radical shift requires visionary ITSM tools to support close collaboration among IT operations, development and business teams so they can work together to respond to business changes and deliver digital services and experiences faster. Atlassian is one of the leading makers of such collaborative software tools, earning high marks from analysts for its unique, intentional approach to ITSM solutions in particular, which enables a high-velocity approach to IT service delivery. 

Any organization seeking to level up their ITSM operations should not only look to Atlassian solutions like Jira Service Management (JSM) and Confluence, but also consider an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Provider to handle the setup, optimization and management of their new ITSM toolsets within DevOps. Through the help of the right technology partner, organizations can realize the true power and benefits of all Atlassian’s configurable features and options to upgrade to an ITSM solution that’s fully customized to their workflows. 

Atlassian’s High-Velocity Approach to IT Service Delivery

In Gartner’s annual Magic Quadrant report, the analyst firm recently dubbed Atlassian as the sole “Visionary” for ITSM tools. Atlassian earned this unique distinction due to its forward-thinking approach to ITSM solutions, which focuses on three core areas of emphasis to support and improve IT workflows:

  • Converging Dev + IT + Business for agile IT service delivery

    As DevOps adoption grows, organizations must rethink how ITSM fits into the software development lifecycle. Atlassian offers tools that seamlessly connect dev, IT and business teams, while integrating with DevOps requirements to support agile workflows and service delivery for ITSM. For example, through JSM (which boasts 35,000 users and counting), organizations can easily receive, manage and track user requests in one central location for tighter collaboration on end-user services and faster issue resolve.
  • Balancing team autonomy with collaboration for distributed work 

    Old, centralized command-and-control approaches to IT infrastructure and operations are not designed to meet the needs of agile methods in a world of remote work and distributed architectures. But Atlassian’s remote-friendly tools like Confluence and JSM provide enterprise teams a single source of truth for common terminology, experiences and administrative controls—while also empowering workers with the freedom and simplicity to move fast and operate autonomously. 
  • Right-sized and cost-effective ITSM functionality

    While tech budgets are at an all-time high, so is cost-complexity, fatigue and frustration—especially when it comes to ITSM. Atlassian’s tools have earned praise for eliminating many of ITSM’s biggest pain points: providing the right set of capabilities in a transparent and cost-effective way that actually fits what customers need. 

Through Atlassian’s innovative approach to ITSM, organizations can unite their technology and business teams to unlock a high-velocity approach to IT service delivery. But while Atlassian leads the pack when it comes to ITSM solutions, choosing the right tool or provider is just one piece of the puzzle. In order to truly modernize these processes and practices, organizations must also understand how each tool fits together in an ITSM workflow. 

Unlock Even More Benefits From Atlassian’s ITSM Tools With Support From Contegix’s Team of Experts

While Atlassian’s leading ITSM tools are simple to implement, integrating critical ITSM processes into DevOps workflows can still be overwhelming for organizations to manage alone. In particular, many time-strapped IT teams don’t take advantage of all the configurable features and options available within Atlassian’s tools to create their own customizable ITSM workflows. In order to unlock the full benefits of their Atlassian ITSM solutions, organizations can look to an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner like Contegix to provide expert support, guidance and management of their tools. 

Contegix’s team of experienced Atlassian experts have created dozens of custom instances for Atlassian’s ITSM solutions. Contegix works closely with an organization’s teams to understand their specific pain points, objectives and project goals in order to help adopt, optimize and manage custom Atlassian solutions to meet the needs of their ITSM workflows. Beyond initial setup, Contegix is a long-term, strategic partner that works directly with technology and business teams as needed to tune-up, secure and expand ITSM tools to improve collaboration and performance. 

To respond to ever-changing business conditions faster, while delivering high-quality, more reliable digital services and experiences to users, organizations can turn to a trusted technology partner like Contegix to realize the full potential of Atlassian’s industry-leading ITSM solutions. 

Learn more about how Contegix’s team of Atlassian experts can help you identify, implement and optimize the perfect ITSM solutions for your needs.