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Looking to the Next Decade: Recent Milestones and What’s Ahead for Contegix

By Elizabeth Clor

As Contegix has evolved over the past 20 years from a software development side project to a leading Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner, one guiding principle has been especially important to co-founder Matthew Porter: “We lift the burden today so tomorrow is better.” 

Contegix began as a company dedicated to shielding its clients from the types of tech disasters that could impact business operations, even taking its name from the Latin contego, meaning to protect. Add in a robust people philosophy that supports its teammates and instills in employees that Contegix provides more than just technology—it provides a way to secure their customers’ livelihoods. And the goal of Contegix’s work today, particularly in supporting Atlassian products, is to remove burdens for IT teams, streamlining workflows and optimizing tools that can help those teams and companies better serve their own needs. 

As Contegix looks back at recent milestones and ahead to future business targets, this principle remains at the heart of everything the company does.

Expanding Public Sector Services with Ascend Integrated

Within its first three months in business, Contegix partnered with the U.S. Army to help consolidate three instances of Jira into one. Since then, as a FedRAMP authorized provider, Contegix has continued to help public sector organizations implement and streamline their tech initiatives while remaining compliant with all federal and local requirements and regulations. As one example, Contegix helped migrate and administer the on-premise Atlassian Jira and Confluence environment for Air Combat Command for the U.S. Air Force, improving performance by almost 110%.

“It makes so much sense to be in that space—patriotic sense, financial sense,” Porter said. “But mostly, it’s what we’re good at. We want to make the government better, because at the end of the day, it’s people, too.”

Most recently, Contegix acquired Ascend Integrated in September 2021 to help extend devops capabilities within the public sector. Ascend primarily serves the federal government market with Agile, devops, and system implementation solutions, meaning Contegix has increased capacity to offer these services, including custom app development, to the public sector. 

“With Ascend, we’ve brought in people that truly understand the mentality of federal spaces,” Porter said. And, crucially, Contegix can continue to help lift the burden for those agencies grounded in public service. 

What the Future Looks Like for Contegix

One of the key advantages for both private and public sector organizations when working with a third-party partner like Contegix is that lifting burdens, eliminating inefficiencies, and reducing workloads helps create environments where innovation and strategy can flourish. And in light of tech worker shortages, especially in cybersecurity, organizations will need to equip their teams with the right platforms and tools to ensure the security and operational space—and help creative ideas grow. That’s where Contegix comes in.  

“Nobody buys a server just to have a flashing light. You buy it because it's supposed to make somebody's life easier and better,” Porter said. “That is the whole purpose of technology. It's not technology for technology's sake.” 

Over the last two decades, one of the most important lessons Porter and other company leaders have learned is how to allow Contegix to grow in ways that make sense for the company, the organization, and its people—even if it deviates from an initial vision.  Still, Contegix’s mission to lift burdens off their customers will continue to drive all future business decisions. 

“At the 30,000-foot view, that’s still what we’re doing,” Porter said. “The delivery mechanism may change a little bit. The software version may change a little bit. But at the heart of it, we’re still helping make tomorrow better.”

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