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How Atlassian Can Help Accelerate Public Sector Digital Transformation

By Elizabeth Clor

As the pandemic persists, so does public sector digital transformation—in fact, it’s accelerating in many parts of the world. In the United States, agencies continue to navigate regulatory and operational hurdles in order to secure the budget and procurement schedule necessary to successfully scale agency IT infrastructure to meet demand for digital services. 

In the face of persistent uncertainty, the United States public sector has the potential to advance digital transformation efforts and streamline infrastructure by adopting trustworthy digital tools, platforms and solutions like Atlassian’s suite. An agency investment in onboarding a new suite of digital solutions now could deliver strong ROI for years—especially if the agency opts for one  with dedicated managed and professional services teams designed to alleviate administrative, digital workflow and data sharing burdens for in-house IT teams.  

Here’s an overview of some key public sector digital transformation opportunities that Atlassian solutions can address:

Task Management: Agency IT leaders could benefit from the ability to dictate and monitor timelines for specific digital and web-oriented tasks; set clear deadlines for agency IT system upgrades or solution implementations; and customize templates for agency workflows across teams. With Atlassian’s Jira, IT administrators can benefit from a straightforward, comprehensive task management dashboard built to deliver efficiency to internal workflows and ownership clarity to complex projects that require interagency collaboration.

Security and Compliance: Agencies cleared to connect to an Atlassian cloud are enabled with the flexibility to create and share web pages, documentation and media assets that are customized to fit a specific agency’s needs. For government clients, Atlassian’s Confluence offers a secure cloud option that adheres to major compliance standards, including FedRAMP and HIPAA.

24/7 Support: Public sector agency IT teams could benefit from a trustworthy, accessible IT support ticketing and task management system to improve response times and ensure positive outcomes. Atlassian’s Jira Service Management—built around a one-touch user portal on a government agency’s website, or through a central email address—is meant to complement existing agency IT service infrastructure by addressing both on-premises and remote network issues impacting agency employees and citizens interacting with agency-owned digital assets.

Centralization: A centralized identity management and log-in security solution can also streamline remote and in-person agency operations. Atlassian’s Crowd offers public sector clients complete control of authentication permissions from a single location—adding an extra layer of security and visibility. It also delivers an integrated approach to modernizing and streamlining digital government workflows with the help of the Atlassian tools, like Confluence or Jira, through a single sign-on experience. Once deployed, users can be managed by agency admins from multiple directories, including: Active Directory, LDAP, OpenLDAP or Microsoft Azure AD. 

For government agencies pursuing digital transformation and operational improvement, enlisting an external partner like Contegix—an Atlassian Verified Government Partner—can help to implement, upgrade and maintain Atlassian solutions. Working with an external partner frees up agency IT teams to focus on  long-term infrastructure planning, health and value—as well as to ensure compliance and optimize performance. Public sector agencies that decide to connect with a long-term partner versus continuously opting for one-off purchases may be able to unlock a more efficient and less complex IT procurement future.

For more information about what Contegix and Atlassian offer public sector clients, visit: https://www.contegix.com/public-sector