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How DevSecOps Solves the Top 4 Software Security Challenges

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Address Application Security Without Reduced Productivity

Implementing DevSecOps processes allows IT teams to incorporate security policies into the DevOps cycle. This eBook will cover:

  • Security as Code
  • Continuous Testing
  • Maintaining Security Measures
  • and more!

eBook Preview: 

Increasingly disruptive cyberattacks have put confidential data at risk, often with record breaking associated costs. To help customers maintain trust in organizations and their applications, development teams have had to uplevel approaches to software security. Although the majority of organizations have identified improving security as a top priority this year, developers still struggle to properly address application security while maintaining desired productivity levels. This eBook will share how IT teams can use DevSecOps to solve the most pressing security challenges, by implementing security policies and following specific approaches during coding, testing, monitoring and controlling phases of the DevOps lifecycle.