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Fuel Efficient ITSM with Atlassian’s Latest AI Features

By Elizabeth Clor

For several months, AI—specifically generative text applications—have been top of mind in the tech sector. And now, Atlassian Intelligence is bringing that functionality to Atlassian’s product suite, enabling users to automate support in Jira Service Management, and accelerate efficient IT Service Management (ITSM) across their organization. 

But what is ITSM and why should organizations practice it at all? 

ITSM is the set of processes and activities that organizations follow to manage the end-to-end delivery of IT services. More than general IT support, ITSM encompasses every step of IT service delivery, including service request management, knowledge management, IT asset management, incident management, problem management and change management. Say, for example, an organization merges with another or a company restructures. ITSM helps businesses strategically allocate resources and minimize risk for IT procedures such as issuing employees new laptops, email addresses, and access permissions. 

Organizations should choose an ITSM tool (such as Jira Service Management (JSM), a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant) that is easy to use, promotes collaboration while enabling autonomy, and offers adaptable workflows and innovative service desk capabilities. In JSM, Atlassian Intelligence offers suggested responses for service desk agents. That means faster response times and time savings across the enterprise as a result.

Already, the new feature has made a significant impact for Atlassian’s own IT operations, saving service desk teams 500 hours of time they would have spent finding information and responding to requests. Whether you’re a current Jira Service Management user or considering the tool, understanding new updates that come with Atlassian Intelligence can set your organization up for even greater success with ITSM. 

What Atlassian Intelligence Adds to Jira Service Management

Atlassian Intelligence works as a “virtual teammate” automating manual tasks for Jira Service Management users. The feature was created by Atlassian using its own models in partnership with OpenAI language models. By automating support interactions in Jira Service Management, Atlassian Intelligence helps service desk agents and end users alike save loads of time. 

Using Atlassian Intelligence is simple: when a user submits a request from an integrated workplace tool, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, an agent responding to the request can select the Atlassian Intelligence icon to generate a response directly in the platform, where they can preview, edit, and send. To generate each response, Atlassian Intelligence scans existing knowledge base articles and previous interactions between agents and customers to deliver the right response. 

This update will help existing agents respond to more requests faster. For smaller IT teams or IT service desks experiencing an influx of requests as organizations evolve and grow, faster response times can mean the difference between slowing the business down and boosting productivity across teams. Additionally, the tool can benefit new service desk agents during their training process, eliminating the need to manually read pieces of documentation to answer common requests, which can help organizations maintain efficiency as they scale. 

Maximize JSM With an Expert ITSM and Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner

With Atlassian Intelligence, Jira Service Management becomes an even more valuable tool for organizations to effectively manage requests and provide quick responses. But as with any new feature, the value a company derives from a tool depends on how they leverage it. 

Teams exploring Atlassian’s Jira Service Management or this update in particular can seek support from an external partner, who can offer strategic support, tool configuration, and continuous monitoring to assist companies in effectively leveraging their ITSM tool. For instance, Contegix helped mortgage lender NewRez reconfigure JSM, improving workflow efficiency and response times, leading to an overall acceleration of operations. 

As an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner and Atlassian Specialized Partner in ITSM, Contegix helps organizations harness the full power of Atlassian tools to drive business goals. That means organizations can enjoy the most value from Atlassian tools—and their exciting new features. 

Learn more about working with Contegix for ITSM support.