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Department of Justice, Criminal Division

Atlassian Data Center Deployment

Department of Justice

The Department of Justice Criminal Division, a federal agency that develops, enforces, and supervises the application of federal criminal laws, needed help deploying Atlassian Data Center for JSW, Confluence, JSM, and multiple add-ons. This opportunity was initiated over the NASA SEWP contracting vehicle. DOJ was looking for an expert partner to take on this opportunity and help design, implement, and support their custom Atlassian Data Center deployment.

After being selected to work with DOJ, the team at Contegix prepared to design and deploy their Atlassian Data Center environments. We developed a custom solution that provided architecture support and guidance for implementing the Data Center environments. To efficiently support the deployment, our team of certified experts performed a discovery and requirements analysis to understand the current DOJ processes and data. We also worked closely with DOJ to configure custom workflows and scripts to automate large, complex workflows.

DOJ has taken the step toward improving operational efficiency and as their trusted partner, we will continue to evaluate and install add-ons, update scripts, and update workflows and field configurations as they buildout their Atlassian Tool Suite.

With years of experience working with federal agencies, our team of Atlassian certified experts delivered DOJ an optimized solution.

  ✓ Designed custom Data Center implementation
  ✓ Adhered to agency’s processes and requirements
  ✓ Improved and automated complex workflows
  ✓ Deployed and configured multiple add-ons