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5 Ways Contegix and Atlassian Help Clients Achieve Digital Transformation

By Kenna Poulos

Moving beyond talking about "digital transformation" to implementing it across an organization is complicated. A recent report from Deloitte confirms that 48% of executives see introducing digital transformation-ready business models as a top priority, but only half of their companies are ready for such a move. Contegix works with partners like Atlassian to help businesses across industries and geographies respond to the rise in demand for digital solutions and navigate compliance, backend development, and digitization. Our efforts convert digital transformation issues, like how to customize a collection of development tools to fit team needs, into opportunities that enhance development efficiency, harmonize legacy and new solutions, and connect end users with useful resources. Here’s how:

#1: Agile transformation

A study by IWG found that globally, 70% of developers work remotely at least once a week and 50% work remotely multiple days a week. Today’s development teams can toggle between being completely remote, operating out of the same office, or a combination of the two. But one thing is certain: Engineers and developers—especially those working on the same project—must be connected through relevant channels, aligned on project priorities, and optimized for high-quality delivery. Through hands-on services like 24-hour troubleshooting and migration support, Contegix and Atlassian help clients looking to transform their development staff into efficient, collaborative, and flexible teams that deliver end user value, regardless of where they perform tasks.

#2: DevOps transformation

It’s not enough to simply modernize development tools and supporting solutions architecture. Companies need to evolve or revamp development approaches that differentiate them from competitors in order to access the full benefit of digital transformation. Contegix helps teams use Atlassian tools most efficiently and effectively throughout product life cycles. Specifically, we work directly with clients to figure out the best way to integrate Atlassian tools to quicken product roadmaps, rally development teams around swift testing and R&D, and enhance the quality of new software iterations delivered to their own customer bases.


#3: SAFe implementation

Making all the elements of Agile transformation and DevOps transformation work together requires as much visibility and clarity as possible. Contegix and Atlassian partner to build implementation roadmaps that work for specific clients with specific needs. We also incorporate the core tenets of SAFe into our own respective development efforts: alignment, quality, transparency, and program execution.

#4: Asset management

Enterprises often adopt Atlassian tools, from Jira to Bitbucket to Confluence to Bamboo, based on need, so implementation happens over time instead of all at once. Contegix works with teams to take stock of operational Atlassian tools, streamline their workflows, and integrate them in a way that meets the specific needs of end users. We offer around-the-clock staff and resources to help individual clients perform the right mix of Atlassian mergers, migrations, integrations, installations, troubleshooting, and upgrades to power their digital transformation.

#5: Business application

Planning for digital transformation requires executive-level conversations to secure necessary funding, development team staffing and training to manage scaling online activities, and the development of a flexible implementation strategy. Even more work goes into implementing the steps, from agile transformation to asset management, needed to execute it. Contegix outfits teams using Atlassian tools with deployment, management, and solution architecture that addresses end users’ issues while incorporating the latest Atlassian upgrades. We help companies customize Atlassian tools and integrations, configure plug-ins, and deliver real-time troubleshooting that enables clients to focus on building superior products, attracting customers, and growing their businesses.

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