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Calculating the Value of ITSM and Agile Solutions


You’ve heard Jira Service Management (JSM) can provide industry-leading support for streamlined agile collaboration—not to mention industry-leading ROI. But how does that business value actually stack up?

To see what kind of ROI your team could receive from running IT service management (ITSM) through JSM, Atlassian offers a handy widget built around the results of a study by Forrester: the Atlassian Jira Service Management Estimator. Harnessing real-world ROI data from Atlassian customers, this tool asks for your number of employees, number of service agents, ticket volume, and legacy tool cost. The calculator uses these numbers to provide an estimate of the value your business could gain, the time to break-even after implementation, total costs and benefits, and risk-adjusted cash-flow estimates.  

These numbers may not be a guarantee, but they’re a valuable asset to any business leader considering adopting Atlassian tools for service management. To help you forecast the value of your investment in JSM, we used the estimator to create the following use cases modeled off of real Contegix clients. From self-service to customer insights, these use cases highlight the top ways that JSM delivers value.

SMB with big service needs: improved service desk productivity

  • Industry: technology
  • Company size: 600 employees
  • Service team: 25 agents
  • Savings: over $30,000 from service desk time savings in the first year

From business and customer service to IT support, ITSM and agile processes drive the greatest value at service desks. Features like self-service, improved ticket tracking, and better handling visibility free up service agents’ time.

Enterprise with thousands of users: improved end-user productivity

  • Industry: construction
  • Company size: 50,000 employees
  • Service team: 300 agents
  • Savings: over $700,000 from streamlined request processes in the first year

With more efficient service desks, employees across an organization can stay more focused on what they do best. JSM saves each employee five minutes per request they file on average. Across tens of thousands of users, that time savings stacks up.

Small service team fueling big development: improved IT operations productivity

 •  Industry: consumer fintech
 •  Company size: under 200 employees
 •  Agents: 3
 •  Savings: over $113,000 from IT operations productivity in the first year

For teams using both agile software and service management tools, and especially those providing tech products to their customers, synchronicity between service management and developer tools is essential. When service management and development teams can interface seamlessly, developers get the feedback they need as efficiently as possible, and IT operations teams stay on the same page.


Boosting ROI from the start

These numbers assume an efficient, well-executed implementation, which can be tricky to ensure based on the complexity of your organization. In fact, factors like the speed and ease of implementation can actually provide even greater value in the first year. Those who partner with an external consultant can receive even more from their tool, benefiting from faster implementation and proven best practices.

To ease the process of implementation, consider working with an experienced, certified Atlassian partner, especially those certified as ITSM Specialized Partners. No matter your service management needs, Contegix experts are here to help. With two decades of experience helping Atlassian customers optimize their tools and operations, Contegix offers a range of professional services for any kind and size of organization. To learn more about our role as an Official Atlassian ITSM Specialized Partner, talk to a Contegix expert today.

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