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3 Hacks for Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

By Elizabeth Clor

Of the 200,000 organizations that use Atlassian products, no two teams are the same. That’s why as users, being able to adjust Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and other applications based on company needs—and as Atlassian releases new product features—is critical. For several months, however, Atlassian server users have been in a limbo state, unable to upgrade or downgrade their apps. This paralysis adds a level of urgency to transition to cloud before support for server products ends in February 2024.

Teams that migrate to Atlassian cloud can scale across platforms and use exclusive features, such as advanced reporting capabilities, to inform decision-making. However, as with any organization-wide transition, the actual process of migrating to cloud is a large undertaking: Teams have to carefully plan for the migration and make sure they transition all their necessary data and workflows, all while minimizing the impact on their team’s day-to-day operations.

Contegix has recently led several organizations through cloud migrations. Teams can follow specific measures as well as hand off responsibilities to an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner like Contegix to make the process of migrating to cloud efficient and effective—especially as Atlassian continues to evolve the capabilities and functionality of its cloud products. If your team is planning a migration to Atlassian Cloud, follow these three tips for making a successful transition:

  1. Archive Old Data for a Faster Migration 

How fast a company can transition to Atlassian cloud depends on how much data they need to transfer from their old platforms. For companies with hundreds and thousands of users, or even smaller organizations with complex workflows, this can easily add up. One way to cut back on transition time is to remove unnecessary data, such as retiring accounts for employees who are no longer with the organization.

This doesn’t mean organizations have to delete information completely. Organizations can store unnecessary data in an archive on SharePoint or any other preferred storage system for safe access later. By doing this for clients, Contegix has been able to cut back as much as half of an organization’s Jira instance, significantly reducing the time it took to move to cloud. 

  1. Close Functionality Gaps with Custom Solutions 

As it stands, Atlassian is still building out functionality across its cloud products, meaning some features companies use on their server applications might not be available after migrating to cloud. But organizations don’t have to completely change the ways they prefer to operate. By collaborating with an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner like Contegix, teams can work together to build custom solutions that work best for their organization. 

This was the case for one large department store chain that Contegix recently helped through a cloud migration. When the team lost the ability to transfer workflow functions and automated updates from its server instance, Contegix re-engineered the same functionality into the company’s Jira cloud platform so they could continue automatically pulling the data they regularly need. 

  1. Anticipate Delays and Delegate Workarounds 

During any cloud migration, companies risk unexpected problems that can delay the migration process, especially as Atlassian continues rolling out new product features and updates on cloud products. Here, an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner can be especially handy to spot delays, be on the frontlines of communication and come up with workaround solutions. 

DNA sequencing firm PacBio enlisted Contegix to support a cloud migration project last year and experienced this firsthand. While certain plug-in features yielded poor test executions during the migration process and delayed the transition, Contegix led the communication between Atlassian and PacBio, which alleviated any extra strain on PacBio’s own team, and helped the project keep moving forward.  

From providing clean-up work before a cloud migration, to applying custom work-around solutions and navigating tricky setbacks as they occur, Contegix helps organizations make the transition to Atlassian cloud as smooth as possible—all while ensuring a company can achieve its goals.

Learn how Contegix can help make sure your apps are optimized to your organization's needs by assisting with a cloud migration.