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Large-Scale Cloud Migration

Large Department Store Chain Migrates its 2000-User Jira Deployment to Cloud

For teams using Atlassian tools, transitioning to the cloud is becoming a priority as Atlassian will discontinue server licenses by 2024. Additionally, Gartner analysts predict more than 85% of organizations will embrace a cloud-first principle by 2025 to reap the benefits from operating on the cloud — from cost-effectiveness to organizational efficiency.

That is why a large-scale cloud migration was essential for one luxury department store chain. While the company had adopted an organization-wide cloud-first initiative, by migrating its 2,000 Jira users to cloud, the company would absolve the negative experiences the team experienced and begin benefiting from the advantages of being on the cloud. 

The project manager within the company’s infrastructure and security team and lead Atlassian suite SME explained:

“Our server environment was suffering growing pains, which included environment instability that resulted in crashes and outages, with the amount of users that we have. Many people were very excited for clouds to have much better uptime and reliability. Additionally, people were looking forward to the functionality that's only available in the cloud, including Jira Roadmaps.”

The team enlisted Contegix for help with the migration process, as Contegix had been hosting the company’s server environment for many years. “Because Contegix is an Atlassian platinum partner, they have a lot of experience with conducting migrations, and they already had access to our environments, it was a no-brainer to have them support the migration,” said the project manager. 

Preparing for a Successful Cloud Migration

Before any team migrates applications to the cloud, it’s important to take stock of current functions and make improvements so the platform operates at its best ability once migrated. In the case of this department store’s team, the legacy environment was cluttered with a lot of unnecessary data, including outdated user profiles for people who were no longer at the organization, which contributed to the system’s instability that sparked outages and system downtime. 

“An outage is inconvenient for business teams and project managers, but it's a big obstacle for the agile teams who need to work rapidly to deliver revenue-generating features to our website and mobile apps,” said the project manager. 

Contegix exported and archived unnecessary data from the organization’s system, giving the team SharePoint files if they ever needed to access the information in the future. The clean-up not only enabled the platform to migrate faster and easier, but it also ensured the system wasn’t cluttered when they transitioned to cloud.

Preserving Functionality and Upleveling Application Performance

In addition to cleaning up the system, Contegix helped make sure the team could continue using familiar workflows from the data center on the cloud, which often meant creating solutions outside the scope of what Atlassian tools currently provide. 

“We lost some key functionality that we were using in the server that wasn’t available in the cloud, including certain workflow functions and automated updates,”said the project manager. “Contegix was able to actually re-engineer the same functionality, but in a totally different way. There were a lot of problems that they were able to solve on their own without having to go to a vendor or Atlassian.”

As a result, several teams, including the compliance and the contract management teams, benefited from the ability to retrieve more sophisticated data as built-in fields. For example, now there’s a field the team can use to select a specific issue in Jira, predefined by a query. Then it triggers updated permissions on certain issues, ultimately automating the access to contracts.

Moving Toward the Future with New Capabilities 

After moving to the cloud, the system is much more stable for the entire organization. If problems do arise, the team can reference Atlassian’s status page and communicate when an issue is global and rely on Atlassian to resolve, instead of having the added responsibility of understanding and fixing the issue. 

Today, Contegix continues to work with the department store’s team to migrate their other Atlassian applications including Bitbucket, Fisheye and JFrog over to the cloud. With Contegix leading the migration process, the team can focus on other organizational objectives. For example, today they are working on rolling out an agile transformation that will teach users how to use new functionality within the cloud including Roadmaps for Jira, which will elevate their reporting to executives.

Learn how Contegix can help your team unlock new capabilities and improve operations organization-wide by migrating to cloud.