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Contegix Launches MARS Atlas

The first-of-its-kind interface leverages years of data and Atlassian expertise to deliver unmatched insights and AI-powered recommendations  

St. Louis, MO -- January 17, 2024 -- Contegix, a leading Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner in the U.S. and Canada, today launched MARS Atlas to power strategic IT decision-making around Atlassian Marketplace applications so customers can fully optimize their Atlassian platform. The new intelligent interface combines two decades of experience with the Atlassian Marketplace and five years of application and customer adoption data to guide companies with personalized, AI-powered recommendations. This is the first time Contegix’s industry insights will be made available to anyone at any time, granting IT professionals instant analysis on more than 6,000 tools to help them make the right decision for their business.

Contegix is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with deep expertise in the application marketplace. The company has spent twenty years working closely with businesses and public sector organizations to optimize Atlassian licensing, adoption, and deployment. One of Contegix’s unique offerings is its Marketplace Analytic Research Service (MARS) database, an in-depth resource that provides customers with analysis and metrics on Atlassian Marketplace applications dating back to 2018. Its new tool, MARS Atlas, makes this information accessible to anyone in the industry. The intelligent interface maps out industry trends and personalized recommendations for users to guide them through the Atlassian ecosystem.

"The MARS database has been valuable to our enterprise customers over the last five years. But until now, only our customers could take advantage of the data through our consulting engagements. MARS Atlas takes this to a new level by unlocking actionable insights for anyone at any time via a self-serve web portal with an AI-backed interface,” said Brad Hokamp, CEO at Contegix. “Our combination of qualitative and quantitative expertise is unique to Contegix, and it’s what allows us to help IT professionals make more informed, nuanced, and strategic decisions.”

IT professionals using MARS Atlas get access to:

  • Unparalleled Atlassian Data: The MARS Atlas interface is trained on years of data on Atlassian Marketplace applications and customer usage, and informed by Contegix’s decades of professional services expertise. This means users not only gain insight into popularity, usage, growth, pricing trends, and more, but they can also see recommended solutions and explore the database by categories like business type and use case.
  • Personalized Recommendations via AI: MARS Atlas uses AI to transform years of raw data into actionable insights to guide decision makers through the Atlassian Marketplace. The easy-to-use AI agent provides tailored, digestible recommendations based on a range of custom inputs, including which Atlassian products they already use, hosting type, company size, budget, and current company needs.
  • Relevant Insight at a Glance: Alongside each personalized recommendation, MARS Atlas provides a snapshot of relevant data about the application—including how quickly its user base is growing, where the tool ranks among similar solutions, which types of companies it’s best for, recent price changes, technical updates, and more.
  • Time Savings: MARS Atlas enables IT professionals to immediately see the solutions that are right for their business rather than spending hours or days parsing through thousands of applications.

“The Atlassian marketplace is full of valuable tools—but with 6,000 applications, it can be overwhelming to navigate,” said Inayat Nahvi, Senior Systems Engineer at Roku. “MARS Atlas cuts out that complexity. The customized recommendations give me a clear starting place in a crowded landscape, while also opening me up to new possibilities. I'm able to move faster and make smarter decisions that help my team operate more efficiently. On top of that, it's free—there's no reason an IT professional evaluating Atlassian add-ons wouldn't use MARS Atlas.”

Contegix plans to expand MARS Atlas in the coming months to incorporate natural language queries. This will unlock the ability to ask more conversational, nuanced questions of the platform and will result in even more sophisticated recommendations. To learn more about MARS Atlas and start using it today, click here. To learn more about Contegix’s other offerings for Atlassian optimization, license management, cloud migration, support services, training, and more click here.


About Contegix

Contegix helps organizations advance “all things” Atlassian and delivers specialized solutions for Cloud, ITSM and Agile. Founded in 2002, Contegix was Atlassian’s first partner in North America. An experienced staff of Atlassian certified experts delivers everything from cloud migrations to ITSM deployments to ongoing application support and more. Learn more at www.contegix.com.