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Planning Apps in Jira – A Detailed Update – October 2019

It’s been nearly a year since we first started collecting Market place data and we wanted to celebrate by providing a report on the state of the planning category for Jira apps. This analysis does not include the new acquisition Agile Craft (Now Align) or stand-alone planning apps. Our take on this category is of course that it’s a good idea to support multiple planning approaches; Agile Scrum/Kanban, Waterfall, and Scrumfall.

This is not to say that niche planning apps don’t have a place in your portfolio rather that is to understand how far they support planning requirements.


  • Traditional planning is making a comeback in Jira – growth in the last year is well beyond pure Agile – long live the Gantt!
  • Simple Calendar planning and checklists are increasingly popular
  • Portfolio is showing no growth – perhaps as a result of Atlassian’s acquisition of Agile Craft (Align)
  • The main players – SoftwarePlant, Tempo, and Atlassian – own close to 50% of the market between them


In 2018 we did a major road trip in the US to various conferences and Atlassian user group meetings. Our message “Plan Together”. For too long Portfolio planning has been separate from tactical planning. The “holy grail” of PPM is effectively real-time reporting. This is something that legacy PPM tools such as Planview, Clarity, and Oracle do not provide because they are divorced from the tactical planning and execution tools such as Jira. By bringing these functions together we can create a powerful real-time PPM. This is portrayed logically in the diagram below. This report brings to you the finest and top performing apps for planning in the marketplace.

Features of a more complex planning app typically are;

  • Multi-mode planning supporting Agile approaches and waterfall
  • Simply gantt charting
  • Scenario planning
  • Resource management
  • Dependency management
  • Seamless linkages to underlying Jira projects

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This is a short version of a longer research paper. To get the research version please use below opt-in to download.

Editor’s Note: This whitepaper is branded as Blended Perspectives as it was created prior Blended Perspectives being acquired by Contegix.

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