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The Role of AI and How it Impacts JSM Service Delivery


Fabian Lim
Fabian Lim
Director, ITSM Practice

Gaspar Aguilar Vega
ITSM Solutions Architect

While AI features hold immense promise for enhancing productivity, it is essential to understand their actual impact on service management practices. In this video, industry experts will navigate through the evolution of AI and share specific use cases incorporating generative AI into existing JSM frameworks. From intent-based virtual agents to automatic incident responses, you’ll learn the strategies needed to drive efficiency and enhance service reliability within your organization.

Key topics include:
Evolution of AI: From rule adoption to the emergence of neural networks
Understanding core features and transformative capabilities
Leveraging AI to automate resource allocation and improve response times
  ➤ Emerging trends and developments in AI-driven service management

Whether you're an IT professional, service manager, or business leader, this video is tailored to equip you with the knowledge needed to harness the full potential of Atlassian Intelligence. 

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