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Air Force

The United States Air Force (USAF) Facility Engineering Directorate is a part of the Air Force Civil Engineer Center, a 1,900-person primary subordinate unit assigned to Air Force Materiel Command and attached to the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center-Provisional. They are responsible for overseeing facilities management, spaces, and also IT assets as they belong to employees or service members.

U.S. Air Force


The USAF Facility Engineering Directorate uses Jira Software, Service Desk, and Confluence for tracking and managing issues. The USAF was looking to expand the capabilities of Jira to include CMDB tracking and management capabilities, along with the ability to manage floor plans and movement of personnel between office locations.


The team designed and implemented a CMDB tool with Floor Plan traceability capabilities using Insight Asset Manager, SmartDraw, and Confluence. Floor plans representing multiple floors, personnel, and IT assets were incorporated into the Confluence pages, with each page representing a specific floor. Reports using Arsenale Dataplane have been developed and incorporated into Dashboards for managers/executives to view and approve.


The system developed is still in use by the USAF today, providing excellent visualizations for USAF facilities personnel. The application has led to a direct increase in efficiency across the USAF for accounting for and managing both IT Assets and Personnel. Our team continues to support the USAF, providing additional updates and details to the application.