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Where are the Cybersecurity Workers? Solving for the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

By Elizabeth Clor

According to a 2021 Security Magazine report, 40% of organizations experienced at least one cloud data breach during the past 12 months alone. And unfortunately, the consequences can be substantial: the average cost to repair a data breach for small- to medium-sized businesses is $149,000. 

Managing cloud security requires that you have a team of skilled practitioners and technology to help you stay ahead of threats. However, a shortage of cybersecurity professionals presents a massive issue for organizations trying to staff internal positions to help navigate an increasingly digital world. In fact, 95% of security professionals say the talent crunch is worse now than in the early days of the pandemic. 

Instead of competing for limited talent, tasking an already overburdened IT team or simply hoping that a cyber breach won’t happen, consider enlisting the services of a partner like Contegix to provide a full suite of security and compliance solutions. 

Understanding the Shortage and its Impact on Organizations

There are two big reasons why companies are having difficulty filling cybersecurity roles. First, it's a relatively new specialty, starting just about a decade ago. And while information security jobs are expected to grow by 33% between 2020 and 2030, a rate much faster than other occupations, cybersecurity is a specialized skill that only 10% of tech talent possess. That translates into fewer available candidates.

In addition, the demand for cloud-based services and storage has increased exponentially. While cloud adoption was already climbing pre-COVID, the trend accelerated during the pandemic as organizations shifted to remote work. Companies are also generating more data to protect. A recent survey by McKinsey found that enterprises are seven years ahead of schedule on their digital transformation initiatives.

Unable to hire a security specialist, many organizations assign the task to their internal IT team, which is often already responsible for supporting remote workers, updating and distributing hardware, resolving problems, and more. At the same time, security mishaps caused by human error are on the rise. By 2025, Gartner predicts that 99% of all cloud security failures will be a company's fault.

How a Certified Partner Can Help Boost Security

With specialized knowledge and a team of certified security engineers, a partner can bridge the gap and ensure that your applications are properly configured and secured. Acting as an extension of your IT team, a security solution provider mitigates risk and accounts for your industry’s specific compliance needs by continuously checking for existing problems or potential risks and responding to threats and attacks in real time across applications. 

Engaging a partner like Contegix can also be less expensive than hiring your own cybersecurity specialist—if you could find one. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay rate for an information security analyst in 2021 was $102,600 a year. In this competitive market, you’re likely to pay more. And if you want to protect your data around the clock, you’d likely need to hire multiple specialists to ensure complete coverage.

To find the right partner, you’ll want to look for a company that offers continuous support and that also understands the nuances of your industry and any specific regulatory needs. A partner like Contegix can provide security and compliance solutions that protect data and Atlassian applications while also meeting all industry guidelines. Working hand in hand with your IT team, they can provide expert advice on how to educate every member of your organization on cybersecurity threats and best practices.

Don’t slow down your digital transformation due to the cybersecurity talent shortage. By partnering with an experienced provider like Contegix, you can remain relevant, competitive and secure in this fast-moving marketplace without worrying about a talent shortage slowing you down or opening up your company to unnecessary risk. 

Learn more about how Contegix can provide security and compliance support to your organization.