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Take Advantage of Atlassian Improvements by Migrating to Cloud

By Elizabeth Clor

Companies are packing up their digital workloads and moving from on-premise hardware servers to the cloud—so much so that 90% of global enterprises will use multi-cloud systems this year. According to McKinsey research, the onset of the pandemic was one factor driving cloud adoption, as many organizations fast tracked migration plans to meet increasing demand for virtual services. But another catalyst is the estimated $1 trillion value cloud adoption can unlock for businesses: maintaining IT infrastructure on the cloud increases software development speed and provides limitless opportunity to scale.

Atlassian recently completed its own 5-year transition to cloud via Amazon Web Services, and can now ship new updates faster and more regularly across their products designed to assist developers with team collaboration, project tracking, code building and security throughout the software development lifecycle. As a result of the migration, Atlassian users have experienced 55% improved performance on products like Bitbucket, Atlassian’s code repository tool. 

Atlassian will fully embrace a cloud-native future by ending support for server products in 2024, meaning all Atlassian users must migrate to cloud infrastructure or data center products. By migrating to Atlassian cloud products early, companies can benefit from high-performing, reliable tools and operate on a secure, manageable IT infrastructure —all while accelerating software development. An Atlassian Platinum Solutions Provider like Contegix can guide organizations on how to make a smooth transition to cloud, as well as provide hands-on support with the migration.

Users Report Three Leading Cloud Benefits

Migrating to the cloud provides organizations with three core benefits, according to users recently surveyed by Atlassian:

  1.  Peace of Mind Around Security and Version Upgrades 

Organizations that host their IT infrastructure on on-premise hardware servers shoulder the weight of making sure their environments are up-to-date on the latest security and compliance requirements. This process is time consuming for admins, who can’t focus as much time on strategic business priorities. Plus, scheduled downtimes for upgrades impedes on software development by delaying project timelines. 

By transitioning to Atlassian premium and enterprise cloud products, customers receive enterprise-grade security, compliance and governance with 99.9% guaranteed uptime, which frees up IT teams’ workload. The stability of a cloud infrastructure often reduces support tickets that IT teams typically have to address, as well. 

  1. Improved Speed and Accessibility

Nearly 80 percent of IT professionals say moving to the cloud improved their efficiency. With less downtime for maintenance, teams can work at their ideal pace to meet project deadlines. And automatic performance improvements and scaling capabilities allow teams to work faster, ultimately translating to heightened higher productivity. 

  1. More Productive and Happy Employees 

When IT teams don’t have to manage infrastructure with constant updates or dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to resolving support tickets, it can improve overall employee wellbeing — 46% of surveyed respondents listed improved employee satisfaction as a benefit of moving to the cloud. It spreads across the organization as well: development teams can focus on building code and shipping software releases, while IT leaders can tackle strategic priorities. 

Start Migrating with Help From An Atlassian Solutions Provider

Moving to the cloud has proven to enhance the performance, scalability and reliability of an organizations’ IT infrastructure. But without experience, planning a smooth migration can be challenging. That’s especially true for IT teams used to operating on servers, and who already spend most of their time making sure their infrastructure remains operational.

Because Atlassian recently ended users' ability to upgrade or downgrade their server products and apps, now is the time to migrate to the cloud to ensure optimal product performance into the future. An Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner like Contegix, can shepherd organizations through the migration process with as much hands-on support as an organization needs. 

Contegix’s cloud migration services range from assessing an organization’s system and outlining a path that will ensure functionality once the migration is complete, to leading the effort and communicating the process with Atlassian. 

To learn more about how Contegix can help your organization migrate to Atlassian cloud, read our latest case study.