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A Strategic Approach to Streamlining Atlassian Tools

By Elizabeth Clor

As more companies move toward a distributed workforce, establishing streamlined workflows with integrated tools can drastically improve productivity. Although the Atlassian Suite is designed to streamline management and performance of tasks, teams don’t always get the most out of the tools—possibly due to lack of bandwidth or platform expertise. However, by breaking down the process into three categories—business strategy, application and platform—IT leaders can place Atlassian tools into context and develop an overall strategy that incorporates company priorities, streamlines implementation and realizes desired outcomes.

Business Strategy

In order to optimize technologies and tools, a company must first establish its overall strategic objectives. An accounting firm may want to improve individual-level task management and oversight. A construction front office may want to increase visibility into field service operations and asset management. Strategic business objectives will be specific to each company, so the configuration, deployment and implementation of Atlassian tools should fit each company’s needs as well.

At Contegix, we work directly with clients to understand their goals in order to map the appropriate Atlassian tools, from Jira to Confluence to Crowd. To help IT leaders move the process along, we offer professional services, application management, cloud server deployment and application support services. Once a company outlines strategic workflows and desired outcomes, we work with clients to execute next steps, including: analyzing current business processes, building detailed workflows and providing a roadmap for deploying and optimizing an Atlassian toolset that advances business strategy as it streamlines operations.


Context is key when selecting the tools and platforms to use in the course of digital operations. For instance, a university’s IT shop will have different needs than the IT department of a government agency focused on public works or the CTO of a direct-to-consumer start-up relying on ecommerce for profit. Once a company defines its overall business strategy, the next step is to develop a solutions architecture designed to ensure smooth deployment and implementation. IT leaders and external partners, like Contegix, should incorporate a company’s specific required actions, like mergers, migrations, integrations, installations and upgrades throughout the process.


Streamlining tools to deliver more efficient workflows requires taking a platform-level approach to upgrades, migrations and implementations. Companies should view the possibilities and applications of each Atlassian tool as part of a platform built to address specific objectives, outcomes and applications. Companies should consider enlisting an external partner, like Contegix, in order to ensure the implementation of a selected solutions architecture and integration of Atlassian tools goes smoothly. 

As the only Atlassian Platinum Partner—in addition to being named a Verified Government Partner—, Contegix offers both private and public sector clients FedRAMP, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOC 2 Type II compliant cloud solutions. Our Atlassian tool monitoring services also help to ensure the streamlined workflows of an organization’s IT team will not get interrupted once up and running.

Moving Forward

There’s massive opportunity in both the private and public sectors to streamline Atlassian tools and workflows already in operation but commonly siloed. In fact, Contegix’s newly minted status as a Verified Government Partner will allow us to grow our public sector footprint by serving more agencies with end-to-end Atlassian services and support. In both sectors, we look forward to creating and deepening partnerships with clients to understand how to navigate every step of the procurement process and implement agile Atlassian tools needed to achieve streamlined, cross-functional collaboration.

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