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Realizing the Total Value of Atlassian Customization

By Elizabeth Clor

There are as many types of IT teams in the world as there are grains of sand on a beach. But whether you’re a handful of people operating out of living rooms or a large company iterating across continents and time zones, CIOs and IT team leaders hold personal responsibility for ensuring their organization’s digital operations run smoothly. Regardless of team size, success often requires continuous planning and investment to keep pace with IT demand and address specific issues as a company scales. Selecting the right infrastructure, platforms, tools and plugins can drastically improve overall operations.

This is much easier said than done. In fact, many organizations go about upgrading, or simply just maintaining, digital operations by adopting tools and solutions on an ad hoc basis versus selecting one suite of solutions that can be optimized as efficiently as possible. Many organizations allocate staff time toward ensuring operations. Some decide to bring on an external partner to help make it happen.

The truth is that every organization has unique IT needs, processes, workflows, team structure and bandwidth requirements. For IT teams looking to improve digital operations and streamline workflows with Atlassian in particular, customization is the next step after adoption and optimization.

What IT teams should keep in mind

The first step for every IT team considering Atlassian is to understand what’s available in terms of digital solutions, tools and add-ons. It’s also important for IT leaders and people in charge of procurement and implementation to know how to navigate the plugin marketplace and when to conduct performance audits and upgrades so that applications continue to run smoothly.

Bringing on an external partner that’s fluent in Atlassian, like Contegix, to review your current IT practices, needs and pain points can prove crucial to designing a customized Atlassian architecture. From simple workflow and scheme work in Jira to complex customizations and integrations with Atlassian tools and workflows, an external partner can help build a solutions architecture that works for your specific team goals, operations and demand for improved or more efficient outputs.

By the numbers

3,000: That’s the number of add-ons available to Atlassian users. Imagine the customization possibilities when you consider the full Atlassian offering picture: cloud deployments like Server and Data Center, platforms like Jira and Confluence, web-based tools like work chats and digital task managers and add-ons helping IT meet deadlines and improve operations.

2002: That’s the year Contegix was launched to help companies manage Atlassian’s suite of tools. You read that right. We were literally created to navigate the wonderful world of Atlassian. Over the past nearly two decades, Atlassian has become a vital part of digital transformation for businesses around the world and across industries, from technology to healthcare.

1: That’s the number of Atlassian-certified external partners companies should consider when moving from adoption and implementation into the important, but potentially involved stage of customization based on IT team needs, industry standards and company goals.

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