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Meet Public Sector Digital Transformation Milestones Faster with Contegix

By Elizabeth Clor

Public sector IT projects are falling short: According to recent McKinsey research, only one in 200 projects delivers the intended benefits on time and within budget. And compared to private sector organizations, where delays are less common, public sector cost overruns are nearly three times as high.   

What drives the cost and time efficiency gap between the two sectors? For one, the public sector’s stakeholder landscape is much more complex, requiring change initiatives to go through several levels of approval and oversight. The public sector also has reportedly more difficulty retaining and developing talent to execute digital transformation initiatives, along with ineffective governance processes. Along with these challenges, increased funding and heightened expectations from citizens for improved government services have increased pressure on agencies to drive digital transformation forward. 

On the journey to optimize digital services, government teams can modernize their internal frameworks by adopting products within Atlassian’s portfolio, including Jira Software, Confluence, and Jira Service Management. And by enlisting an external partner like Contegix to help adopt, manage, and customize Atlassian applications, government teams can ensure their digital transformation efforts are completed on time and within scope of budget.

Atlassian Tools Government Teams Can Adopt for Successful Digital Transformation

Atlassian products can help government teams overcome common challenges on their digital transformation journey, helping break down siloed departments and connecting teams with the right resources. The following platforms have proven to be exceptionally beneficial for public sector organizations:

  • Jira clarifies and defines role responsibilities

Teams can use Atlassian’s Jira platform to delegate tasks and ensure stakeholders have a defined purpose and understand their daily priorities. This gives leadership teams a window into projects’ status and progress, and it can increase their chance of success. In fact, having a clear purpose and priorities has proven to triple the success rate in public sector transformations.

  • Confluence centralizes necessary process documentation   

Public sector operations are guided by continuously changing regulations. But Atlassian’s Confluence tool brings centralization to an organization's content and documentation—a much needed solution to siloed teams and workloads that result from the legacy systems. 

Teams that use Confluence for centralized documentation can ensure that their processes always follow up-to-date frameworks across the agency, and are compliant. 

Without teams on the same page, agencies run the risk of costly repercussions such as compliance violations and disorganization, which can both slow digital transformation efforts down.  

  • Jira Service Management streamlines ticketing operations

Jira Service Management makes executing service requests in a timely manner possible, including requests from team members and citizens. 

Without an efficient way to access necessary resources or flag a system issue that needs resolving, government agencies risk falling back on their daily responsibilities, which can also impact long-term digital transformation goals. 

Reach Goals Faster with an Atlassian Verified Government Partner 

Having onboarded several organizations—including the DOJ—to Atlassian platforms, Contegix is uniquely positioned to advise agencies on how to use, optimize, and customize Jira, Confluence, and JSM as well as other tools within Atlassian’s portfolio. 

Atlassian has even named Contegix a Verified Government Partner thanks to the team’s completion of rigorous training criteria and proven track record of helping public sector organizations leverage Atlassian’s products.    

Contegix’s process involves conducting discovery analysis to understand government agencies’ existing processes to understand how they can improve. After advising teams on which platforms to adopt and onboarding organizations to the applications they need, Contegix can build custom workflows that include automation to ultimately bring organization, simplification, and efficiency to an agency’s digital transformation efforts. And by alleviating the process of onboarding and configuring new tools, Contegix enables government agencies to focus on their critical daily work. 

Learn more about how Contegix can help agencies reach digital transformation milestones faster through consulting services or hands-on support.