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MARS App of the Month: Shoppie

By Contegix

MARS App Profile

App: Shoppie
Vendor: Caelor
Primary Category: Service Management
Product: Jira
Platform: Cloud

MARS Atlas

At Contegix, one of our unique offerings, as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, is our MARS Atlas platform. Leveraging our MARS database of unparalleled insights into the Atlassian Marketplace, MARS Atlas enables smart decision making on how to augment the power of Atlassian tools with the right plugins.

As a part of our Atlassian Marketplace coverage through MARS Atlas we are always always on the lookout for new and exciting Atlassian Marketplace applications. This month we will be highlighting Shoppie by Caelor.


App of the Month

With so many apps out there, finding interesting new apps that can add value to your instance can be daunting and time-consuming. Thankfully, through MARS we can take a bit of the pressure off!

Each month we highlight our MARS "App of the Month". This app, selected using MARS-powered insights, provides unique value to customers and is a tool that we believe more Atlassian customers ought to know about.

This month we are highlighting the latest new and innovative tool by Caelor: Shoppie – Assets Integrated Shop for JSM.


Shoppie by Caelor is a unique and powerful solution for expanding Atlassian capabilities, offering smarter collaboration and better service management. With an array of standout features and integrations, Shoppie enables users to effortlessly navigate, manage, and purchase assets within the Jira Service Management portal.

Although Shoppie is new to the Atlassian Marketplace, Caelor have a history of developing innovative, fast growing, and popular tools for Atlassian cloud users. In order of installs, Caelor products, Optics, Fields, Pulse, Trophies, Gamification, and Linksy have all shown outstanding growth and value since launching on the Atlassian Marketplace over the last few years.

As the newest addition to the Caelor app suite we can expect Shoppie to make a significant impact as per its Caelor predecessors.

Figure 1: Caelor Apps with Recent Growth (Shoppie in Yellow)


With a range of creative features, Shoppie is a great tool for enhancing your Jira Service Management experience and taking your asset management experience to the next level. Just what makes Shoppie stand out so much? Here we'll dive into what we see as the key features and use cases that we see for Shoppie going forward.

Shoppie Features

Jira Service Management Integration: Shoppie integrates personalized shop functionalities into your existing Jira workflows, from inventory management to asset tracking, enabling you to manage assets quickly and accurately, improving the experience and empowering your team to deliver exceptional service experiences.

Shop-like View in JSM Portal: At its core, Shoppie lets users transform their JSM portal into an engaging, user-friendly shopping environment. Users can  dcide how to display assets to attract customers and boost the shopping experience, making asset selection and management more appealing and user friendly.

AQL Filter per Catalog: With Shoppie’s intuitive AQL filtering, users can categorize and locate assets easily, with the option of complex, detailed filters to narrow down your search, tailored to your organization’s needs. Whether it's IT services, facilities management, procurement, or more.

Detailed Product Information: Users can enrich asset listings with detailed product information aligned to Jira Asset attributes and specifications. Not only does this give you a valuable insight into asset specifications, but it facilitates informed decision-making and asset utilization, while optimizing your assets for users.

Inventory Management: Shoppie's inventory management capability allows for real-time insights into asset availability, with the stock feature to helping users maintain a clear oversight of assets preventing shortages or overstock situations.

Efficient Asset Management: Shoppie can allow users to consolidate their service management processes into a single, unified platform, eliminating complexity and boosting efficiency. The My Assets dashboard within the JSM portal allows users to view and manage their specific assets, enhancing individual accountability and asset oversight.

Shoppie Use Cases

Shoppie can streamline and drive efficiencies within multiple processes across your organization, no matter your industry or market. Below, we’ll explore some of the most popular use cases for Shoppie:

Drive Efficient Employee Onboarding: When a new employee joins the company, a smooth onboarding process can make all the difference. By using Shoppie within the JSM portal, you can direct new employees to find the right information easily, and request the necessary equipment and software.

Report Owned Hardware or Software Issues: Identifying hardware and software issues early can help prevent issues further down the line and minimize disruption to your organization. By using a catalog that only shows the user-owned items, you can quickly identify who is responsible for different assets. That means you can easily report problems with any hardware or software you use, facilitating troubleshooting and repair processes to get things back up and running in no time.

Manage My Assets: Empower employees by giving them control over their own assets. Employees can utilize the 'My Assets' section to gain insights into the items they own, track acquisition dates, and monitor statuses, facilitating greater control and accountability over their assets.

Create Region-Specific Catalogs: For multinational companies, managing assets can be complex – especially if their relevance and need varies by region. Shoppie helps you overcome these challenges. With Shoppie, you can configure region-specific catalogs to ensure your users only see the most appropriate and relevant assets, enhancing the user experience while demonstrating regional compliance.

Create Department-Specific Catalogs: Just like regions, different departments have unique needs and requirements. Shoppie enables you to build department-specific catalogs, ensuring that employees have access to the tools and resources they need to fulfill their roles, increasing efficiency and satisfaction.

Keep Track of Stock: Maintain an accurate view of your stock at all times by utilizing Jira’s asset attributes, streamlining and adding greater precision to your inventory management processes.

Assign Assets Using Automation: Enhance asset distribution efficiency with Shoppie's capability to assign assets directly to users through automation rules, streamlining the allocation process and ensuring that resources are always utilized in the most optimized way possible.

Facilitate Event Booking: Offer employees a straightforward and simple way to view and book available events. Put important events at the forefront with streamlined registration processes, increasing engagement, sign ups, and participation.

Simplify Service Ordering: Whether it's ordering new software or booking a service, Shoppie simplifies the acquisition process, enabling employees to find and request what they need to carry out their roles effectively and increase organizational performance.

Shoppie’s dynamic and advanced capabilities make this app a powerful solution for any Jira Service Management user. Whether you’re onboarding new team members, looking for ways to manage assets effectively, or streamlining approval processes, Shoppie gives you the tools you need to make it happen. 

If you're interested in learning more about MARS and how Contegix can help you optimize your Atlassian Marketplace utilization please get in touch with Contegix. If you are interested in learning more about Shoppie then please reach out to Caelor.