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MARS App of the Month: ProductGo

By Contegix

MARS App Profile

ProductGo App

App: Product Go (Agile User Story Map, Portfolio Roadmaps & Persona for Jira)
Vendor: DevSamurai
Primary Category: Planning / Project Management
Product: Jira
Platform: Cloud, DC


MARS Atlas 

At Contegix, one of our unique offerings, as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, is our MARS Atlas platform. Leveraging our MARS database of unparalleled insights into the Atlassian Marketplace, MARS Atlas enables smart decision making on how to augment the power of Atlassian tools with the right plugins.

As a part of our Atlassian Marketplace coverage through MARS Atlas we are always always on the lookout for new and exciting Atlassian Marketplace applications. This month we will be highlighting Product Go by DevSamurai


App of the Month

With so many apps out there, finding interesting new apps that can add value to your instance can be daunting and time-consuming. Thankfully, through MARS we can take a bit of the pressure off!

Each month we highlight our MARS "App of the Month". This app, selected using MARS-powered insights, provides unique value to customers and is a tool that we believe more Atlassian customers ought to know about.

Congratulations to ProductGo for being our App of the Month for April 2024!


ProductGo by DevSamurai is a comprehensive set of tools for agile product management, including: Agile User Story Map, Roadmap, Portfolio Boards, and Advanced Persona. With ProductGo, user analysis, managing product backlogs, and keeping track of projects in Jira are all made much simpler.

Since its launch in mid-2020, Product Go has seen excellent growth, rising to become the leading competitor to Easy Agile TeamRhythm. Going up against more established tools in the Story Mapping space, customers gravitated towards the excellent way in which ProductGo helps them enhance their product management and Agile management processes with it's unique visualization of projects.

Paid Jira Story Mapping Applications


Next we'll dive beyond the figures into ProductGo's top features and use cases that make it a stand out tool to customers.

ProductGo Features

User Story Map

ProductGo’s user story map allows users to create a visual representation of their user journey and break down their user stories into smaller stories. You can easily map your stories to your releases and sprints, and they are all synced with Jira.

ProductGo also now supports an AI feature that allows users to Generate a whole user story map with AI from Goals, Epics to User Stories.

User Story Map for Jira


With ProductGo, teams can easily create interactive and customizable roadmaps, with the ability to plan the date for issues under epics, create project milestones, and view projects from the hierarchies view.

Roadmap for Jira

Portfolio Boards

The Portfolio Board feature provides users with the most flexible way to create and work with the Story Map. You can create a board combining multiple projects or create many boards for one project, also flexibly map the story map Levels with Jira Issue Types.

Portfolio Board for Jira

Advanced Personas

The Advanced Personas feature allows Jira users to create and manage user personas all in one place. ProductGo provides a powerful tool that includes various components, themes, and even prebuilt templates to help users build their personas. These personas can be attached to the User Story Map.

Advanced Personas for Jira

ProductGo Use Cases

Some of the most popular use cases for ProductGo that we have seen are:

Visualize and organize product backlogs: ProductGo's user story map turns your backlog into a visual, collaborative board for prioritizing and organizing features by Epics and Goals.

Manage project sprints and releases: ProductGo supports splitting swimlanes on the user story map into many releases and sprints. Users can work on and manage these releases and sprints directly with Jira from the story map board.

Outline project timeline and progress: ProductGo's roadmap acts as a dynamic timeline dashboard, giving you a clear picture of your project's planned and actual progress, with our additional milestones and hierarchies view.

Develop in-depth user profiles to understand user needs, motivations, and behaviors: ProductGo helps bridge the gap between understanding basic user needs and truly empathizing with your target audience. This deeper understanding leads to more user-centric product development.

Gain centralized visibility and manage resources across multiple projects within an Agile board: ProductGo lays the groundwork for standardized user story mapping, which Jira's Portfolio can then leverage features to achieve centralized visibility and resource management across your Agile projects.

Prioritize user stories on the user story map. ProductGo empowers teams to move beyond simple list-based prioritization and make informed decisions about user story and task priority based on a holistic view of effort, value, dependencies, and the overall user journey.

ProductGo is a great tool for any organizations looking to streamline their agile journey. You can find out more or try ProductGo free for 30 days here!

If you're interested in learning more about the Atlassian Marketplace and the host of tools available to you there then your can explore MARS Atlas today!