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MARS App of the Month: OKR Board for Jira | January 2024

By Contegix

MARS App Profile

App: OKR Board for Jira by Oboard
Vendor: Oboard
Primary Category: Reporting
Secondary Category: OKR
Product: Jira
Platform: Cloud, DC, Server



At Contegix, one of our unique offerings, as an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, is our MARS database of 3rd party applications. Through MARS we are able to gain unparalleled insights into Atlassian Marketplace applications, provide unbiased recommendations to our customers, and help promote the Marketplace across the Atlassian ecosystem.

As a part of this, at Contegix, we are always on the lookout for new and exciting Atlassian Marketplace applications. This month we will be highlighting OKR Board for Jira by Oboard!


App of the Month

With so many apps out there, finding interesting new apps that can add value to your instance can be daunting and time-consuming. Thankfully, through MARS we can take a bit of the pressure off!

Each month we highlight our MARS "App of the Month". This app, selected using MARS-powered insights, provides unique value to customers and is a tool that we believe more Atlassian customers ought to know about.

Congratulations to OKR Board for Jira for being our App of the Month for January 2024!

OKR Board for Jira by Oboard

OKR Board for Jira is the leading tool in the OKR management category on the Atlassian Marketplace. With nearly 3,000 instances and over 600,000 active users, OKR Board for Jira by Oboard is the largest and most successful tool in this space.

Atlassian Marketplace OKR Apps by Instances and Users


Furthermore, with instance growth of 15% and user growth of 20% over the past six months, OKR Board for Jira's success looks only set to continue! The success of Oboard's Confluence version should also be acknowledged with immense instance and user growth rates.

Atlassian Marketplace OKR Apps Instances & Users Growth Rate



However, why is OKR Board for Jira the standout app in the OKR space? Next we'll dive beyond the figures into the top features and use cases that make OKR Board for Jira stand out in a hotly contested space.


OKR Board for Jira is an all-in-one software solution for goal setting and strategy execution in Jira. It is built to follow the OKR methodology and provides flexible and powerful options for OKR management in the Atlassian framework.

OKR Board for Jira connects to your Jira instance and links your Jira Issues (epics, stories, tasks, etc.) with your OKRs. Not only does it provide seamless integration with Jira and Confluence, but it also gives you a simple, intuitive UI that makes effective OKR tracking and management easy at all levels.

Some of the most popular features of OKR Board for Jira include:

Structured Goal Setting: OKR Board lets you manage Objectives and Key Results without leaving Jira. You can set company, team, and personal Objectives, assign Key Results, and expand them into Jira Issues. The exact structure is flexible and entirely up to you, but consider this one as an example.


Progress Tracking: OKR Board for Jira tracks your Key Results in real-time, using your Jira Epic and Task statuses to calculate progress. This ensures that you always have a clear view of your milestones and Objectives, maintaining team transparency and accountability.

Collaborative OKR Planning: OKR Board for Jira provides a vast selection of permissions to ensure that every team member can contribute during the OKR planning process without accidentally wrecking the system. Meanwhile, in-app and customizable e-mail notifications ensure that all collaborators are on the same page and quickly receive information on all changes.


Customizable OKR Cycles: OKR Board for Jira supports customizable OKR cycles, accommodating different planning and review cadences. Whether it's quarterly, annually, or any other duration, it adapts to the organization's rhythm.

Dashboards and Reporting: OKR Board has multiple dashboards and reporting tools, providing insights into OKR progress and alignment at a glance. Add your custom Dashboard to Favorites to always see the real-time progress of your team, or export it as a PDF in a single click to attach to your executive report.

Use Cases

Meanwhile, some successful use cases that we've seen leveraging OKR Board for Jira include:

Strategic Goal Management: OKR Board for Jira bridges your strategy and execution, giving you a way to set, track, and achieve Objectives and Key Results within the Jira environment. Ideally, OKRs should be implemented on the company level, but they can give a significant boost even if you implement them in a single department.

Performance Review and Feedback: OKR Board for Jira aids in performance reviews by providing precise data on OKR achievements and facilitating objective and data-driven feedback. It connects personal achievements to the company's strategic goals, providing measurable results.

Change Management: In times of organizational change, OKR Board for Jira helps to easily re-align teams and objectives, ensuring a smooth transition and continued focus on key results.

OKR Board for Jira by Oboard is an awesome tool for anyone looking to optimize their team's goal-setting and tracking processes within Jira. You can find more info on how OKR Board can work for you on Oboard's website.

If you're interested in learning more about MARS and how Contegix can help you optimize your Atlassian Marketplace utilization please get in touch with Contegix. If you are interested in learning more about OKR Board for Jira then please schedule a demo with Oboard.