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Making History in Space

By Shaun Jones

Yesterday, the Space Force and industry partners quietly made history. Well, as quietly as possible when launching giant metal towers full of rocket fuel into space at speeds up to 10k MPH.

August 4th, 2022, saw the space coast making and breaking records:

  • Cape Canaveral surpassed the record for most missions in a year to fly into orbit from its launch pads.
  • Space X’s first direct launch to the moon
  • South Korea’s first Lunar Orbiter
  • Shortest span (12 hours) between two space launches from Cape Canaveral since 1967.
  • First “double-header” (two orbital launches in a single day) since 1966.
  • Space X set a new record for most launches in a year.

Contegix is proud to play a part in these amazing feats. As DevSecOps experts we helped build and maintain mission assurance tools which enable this record-setting launch tempo. Additionally, we have ongoing efforts with the Space Force to further empower the launch teams - reducing risk, increasing transparency, and improving system stability/reliability.

Our most important contribution however is probably that our Space Force team all wore their lucky launch shirts yesterday! 

We congratulate the Space Force, Air Force, NASA, ULA, and Space X for their incredible advancements and achievements. Keep inspiring us!

Photo courtesy of Lisa Bongiovanni

(Photo courtesy of Lisa Bongiovanni)

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