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License Management: Frequently Asked Questions

By Contegix

Are you an Atlassian customer struggling with license management? Collaborating with a Solution Partner can not only help you navigate the world of Atlassian licensing but also maximize the potential of your Atlassian experience. To provide more clarity on the benefits and processes involved in partnering with a Solution Partner, we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions to help you make informed decisions.


1. What is Atlassian License Management?

At Contegix, as part of our offering as an Atlassian Solution Partner, we offer a dedicated license management service. This means that instead of purchasing your licenses directly from Atlassian they are transacted through Contegix.

2. What are the benefits of having a Solution Partner, like Contegix, manage my Atlassian licenses?

At Contegix we have dedicated expertise across all areas of Atlassian—including managing our customers’ licenses. We are highly experienced in assisting our customers in a number of ways including the ability to purchase on payment terms, provision of extended trials, and advocacy on your behalf with Atlassian.

3. Can you help me lower my Atlassian license costs?

Yes! Purchasing your licenses through Contegix will never cost you more than buying directly from Atlassian, while we also have a number of ways we help our customers reduce their licensing costs.  Through ensuring you are maximizing your Atlassian discounts, performing complementary budgetary exercises, and helping you navigate Atlassian price changes, we can help ensure you are keeping costs to a minimum.

4. Why is Contegix the right partner for me?

On top of our other license management offerings, Contegix customers also have access to MARS—our one of a kind Atlassian Marketplace service. Licensed Contegix customers receive complementary app assessments and recommendations, powered by MARS, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your Atlassian instance.

5. What else can Contegix offer me?

As part of our onboarding process we provide a complementary system assessment. This will help ensure that your ducks are in a row and that any unexplored avenues for gain are not missed.

6. Can you help me simplify my Atlassian licenses?

By aligning your license renewals to one date and providing guidance on license cleanup, at Contegix we can ensure your administrative costs are as low as possible.

Manage Licenses Seamlessly

By partnering with an Atlassian Solution Partner, you can offload the complexities and ensure a smooth and optimized experience with your mission-critical tools. We encourage you to explore more about Contegix’s Atlassian License Management Services or reach out to us to have your specific questions answered!

Say goodbye to administrative headaches and hello to optimized productivity!