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Improve Cloud Protection by Working with a DevSecOps Expert

By Elizabeth Clor

According to the 2022 Cloud Security Report, cloud security incidents are still on the rise, causing misconfigurations and exposed user data. More than a quarter of organizations (27 percent) have experienced a public cloud security incident—up 10 percent from 2021. 

In the report, cybersecurity professionals listed preventing cloud misconfigurations as their biggest priority for cloud security. While improving cloud security is a worthwhile goal, organizations face two big operational challenges: abiding by increasingly complex compliance standards and staffing qualified team members to lead cloud security.

Protecting cloud workloads and ensuring compliance are both business-critical tasks that help secure the future of an organization. Working with a DevSecOps expert like Contegix can help teams address their companies' biggest pain points by supporting employees with professionals who have expert knowledge and experience upholding compliance standards across all stages of development.

Tackling Two Key Cloud Challenges: Staffing and Compliance

Currently, there’s a big learning curve around DevSecOps, especially with regard to compliance standards. Qualified candidates for DevSecOps roles are in short supply, and companies are struggling to find people with sufficient expertise to fill the knowledge gap. According to Deloitte, cloud computing is the most sought-after skill, and job postings for cloud talent increased 94% between 2017 and 2020—and are still climbing today. 

In addition, compliance checks aren’t always prioritized when IT teams are being stretched in many other directions. When asked what stage of the software development life cycle compliance checks are initiated, 52% of the 2022 Cloud Security Report respondents said at the system testing and production phase, 42% said at the feature development and unit testing phase, and 42% said at staging. 10% of respondents didn’t perform security or compliance checks at all.

Without proper staffing and attention to compliance requirements, misconfigurations can easily occur—and they are a major contributor to cloud breaches. Companies can solve for staffing gaps and prevent cloud breaches by leveraging an experienced partner for tasks such as implementing automated code deployments, managing secure configurations, updates, integrations, and migrations. Outsourcing these tasks provides IT leaders with peace of mind by protecting data and reducing the risk of unplanned downtime. 

Solving for Cloud Protection with a Services Provider

Working with a DevSecOps expert like Contegix can also help organizations optimize their investment in their own talent. The Contegix team of experts offer a wide range of services that can serve as an extension of existing IT teams, freeing internal teams to focus on the strategy-centered work that ladders up to bigger goals, like innovation, design, and development. Contegix helps organizations select and implement the right DevSecOps tools to avoid costly misconfigurations. 

Most importantly, cloud protection is no longer an afterthought when it’s handled by a trusted third party. A DevSecOps partner helps implement automated security checks across all stages of the development lifecycle, resulting in an earlier detection of potential risks before software development is produced and deployed. With expertise in security and compliance, especially for nuanced healthcare and government regulations, Contegix provides continuous support to protect data and Atlassian cloud applications in accordance with industry guidelines. 

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