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A Guide to Shopping the Atlassian Marketplace: Best Apps for Cloud in 2022

By Elizabeth Clor

No matter what cloud product an organization needs, there’s likely an app—or two—to help optimize performance. The Atlassian Marketplace offers hundreds of apps and integrations designed to uplevel user experience while helping teams work better together. Since Atlassian Server products will lose support in 2024, it’s even more important to choose streamlined cloud-based apps. 

An abundance of choices means there’s a tool for every challenge, but too many configurations can create unnecessary workflows for users that actually slow teams down. Apps are only useful if they help teams achieve goals without making the process more difficult. You also eliminate the risk of sprawl by consciously building the right solution set instead of continuously adding to your tech stack. 

These four questions can help determine best practices for choosing Atlassian apps for cloud products.

1. What problem do I need to solve?

At the most basic level, any app or configuration an organization uses needs to solve a problem. Determine what will improve the organization, especially if tools could help enhance workflows for efficiency. When looking for a solution, ask:

  • What problem do I need this tool to solve? 
  • Does the problem need a customized, industry-specific solution?
  • What features are “must haves” and what features are “nice to haves”?
  • How would this tool benefit employees?
  • How would this tool benefit customers?

App Spotlight: ScriptRunner automates workflows within Jira cloud. Unlike basic automation apps, ScriptRunner is a good fit for businesses with more complex needs due to its advanced, customizable features. 

2. What apps do I already have? 

Businesses use an average of 200+ different applications, with most internal departments using 40 to 60 apps. More can mean less if having too many tools scatters tasks and assets across apps. Before adding anything new—even if it’s free—make sure an existing app doesn’t already serve that purpose. 

Take time to thoroughly vet the options. A new tool may be able to fulfill a new need and handle tasks existing tools are currently doing. Also look for apps that integrate with tools you’re currently using to streamline workflows. Apps that don’t work with the existing infrastructure can cause performance slowdowns or even crashes

App Spotlight: Some apps are specifically designed to help existing apps work together. For example, Git Integration brings together Jira and the Git code repository so developers and reviewers don’t need to switch between the two applications. 

3. Is the app intuitive and easy to use?

Apps only benefit your company if employees use them, and people can sometimes be resistant to change. Getting buy in can be challenging if an app doesn’t show clear benefits—and fast. When reviewing new apps, consider gathering input from the employees who will need to use them to ensure the benefits will make an impact. 

Determine if it’s important for the entire organization to use the same tool. If the app aids with collaboration, make sure it fits different teams’ work styles

App Spotlight: BigGantt is a single app that can help teams across an organization visualize, plan, and manage Jira issues. Its Gantt chart dashboard is easy to understand and its drag-and-drop interface doesn’t require employees to be tech savvy. 

4. What return on investment can I expect?

Rolling out a new app costs money and time, so it’s important to make sure the tool is worth the resources. Even a free app needs to have a return on energy and attention. If possible, test the app within the organization to get first-hand feedback on how it would improve workflows. User reviews on the Atlassian marketplace can also provide insight into ease of use. 

App Spotlight: For example, one user recently reviewed easyBI Reports and Charts for Jira by saying, “I am new to EasyBI but have quickly learned how much value it provides me and my organization. I have struggled for the past year in having to download data from Jira and then manipulate it in Excel. Now I can produce new and better report views in just minutes.” 

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