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Four Ways Atlassian Tools Support Emerging Work Trends for Developers

By Elizabeth Clor

The widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work has introduced new opportunities for developers to boost their productivity: 60% report they release code two times faster than last year, thanks to more flexible work options and fewer distractions than the office. However, organizations must make sure developers' workloads are sustainable for the long term by selecting the right tools and infrastructure to support the shift in work culture. 

Atlassian, one of the most popular developer toolkits, gives millions of users the tools to improve software development, project management, collaboration and code quality amid the work from home revolution. With the expertise of an Atlassian Platinum Solutions provider like Contegix, organizations can give developers the tools they need to support dispersed teams, communicate and collaborate from anywhere in the world and automate repetitive tasks to avoid bottlenecks and relieve burnout. 

Here are four ways Atlassian tools support key emerging trends in how software teams have evolved to meet today’s development challenges.

1. Boosting project management to support a distributed workforce

A recent Github poll of 40,000 developers found only 11% of respondents expect to go back to working in a traditional, collocated environment. And many developers are not only happier with a remote work arrangement, but also more productive: 68% said they are able to do more meaningful work from home. 

However, remote and hybrid work environments aren’t without growing pains. Working across timezones, regions and schedules—as well as the lack of physical office spaces or in-person meetings—has made remote collaboration essential to making sure projects are completed efficiently and on time. 

Atlassian tools enable seamless project management and collaboration options for distributed teams to help software development continue at a fast pace even while teams are remote. Tools such as Jira Software for project and issue tracking, Confluence for document collaboration and Bitbucket for git code management are being used to support a continued distributed developer workforce. 

2. Helping leaders understand workloads to boost online social intelligence

Online social intelligence, or the ability to “read the virtual room,” is essential for leaders and managers to assess teams of technical developers and engineers and evaluate performance. With fewer face-to-face interactions, it is more difficult for managers to see when developers are overworking themselves and burning out, which has reached alarming levels. A staggering 83% of developers are suffering from workplace fatigue

The good news for leaders is that Atlassian tools like Jira can track developers’ workflows, providing automated alerts if an individual person or team of developers are shouldering too much of the workload. With this knowledge, leaders can make more informed decisions about projects and deadlines to give developers what they need to be successful, while also alleviating fatigue and potential burnout before it becomes a problem to address. 

3. Empowering holistic collaboration with fewer meetings 

Teams working across time zones already have narrow windows to book meetings during their working hours. Since developers need blocks of uninterrupted time to do work, workday meetings are becoming less prevalent as the priority shifts to providing more time for solving deep or complex issues. 

“Asynchronous” development depends on deeper project management integrations to keep developers from having their section of the code base bottlenecked by other teams. While quick unprogrammed communication tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams can help for short updates, it's essential to have a universal truth of project information, documentation and assigned tasks.

Atlassian’s Confluence provides tools for document collaboration, and when combined with other Atlassian solutions, offers a holistic approach to project management from checkpoints to guidelines, workflows, project status and more to keep everyone on the same page and prevent bottlenecks. 

4. Optimizing workloads to achieve work-life balance

Workers and organizations have come a long way over the last few years in making sure employees are able to balance work and home life. As remote and hybrid trends are poised to grow and remain permanent, organizations will need to embrace this holistic approach to work-life balance for the future. 

Atlassian’s Jira Software can eliminate the mundane, repetitive and time-consuming software tasks using automation, which frees up time and makes developers’ work more efficient and enjoyable. Organizations can also leverage Opsgenie’s alert function to notify managers about project or task-related overload, enabling managers to provide better support for their team members and alleviate the effects of burnout through tracking and reporting. 

Contegix helps organizations provide even richer developer support 

In order to support evolving modes of work, Atlassian provides crucial tools for organizations to enable faster, more effective and more enjoyable development for software teams—no matter where they might be located. While Atlassian tools are robust and powerful platforms for distributed teams right out of the box, the expertise of an Atlassian Platinum Solutions provider like Contegix can help organizations unlock deeper benefits from these solutions. 

Contegix’s team of experts specialize in Atlassian solutions from Jira to Confluence, Bitbucket, Opsgenie and more. Organizations can partner with Contegix for complete set-up, installation, configuration, optimization and customization of Atlassian tools in line with evolving workforce or business needs. Contegix also relieves the burden of scanning and installing platform updates as they roll out. With the help of Contegix, organizations can provide developers with purpose-built tools to support better software development communication and collaboration across dispersed and hybrid teams. 

Learn more about how Contegix can help your organization provide better support for development teams.