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Curious About Cloud? Critical Elements to Consider for Your Cloud Journey

By Elizabeth Clor

Now that organizations have felt the benefits of remote work—it’s crucial their workflows are designed to support new flexible and dispersed work standards. To enable these distributed workflows, droves of organizations are turning to cloud. 

While cloud solutions can provide a slew of benefits to almost any organization—including better team collaboration, IT cost efficiency, scalability and more—there isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan for cloud migration or implementation. 

Fortunately, there are universal elements that can help guide cloud-curious leaders who are ready to make the most of the cloud. To ensure cloud solution selection and adoption phase are as seamless and efficient as possible, it’s important to review these four key considerations. 

1) How Many Users Are There?

A central consideration is an organizations’ number of users: Too many users can impact how applications function, resulting in long load times and slow performance, which can hinder adoption and use from team members at the organization. But having too few means an organization may be paying for more bandwidth than needed, impacting IT budgets and the solution’s cost-effectiveness. 

It’s important to find a cloud services platform that can provide a high-performing user experience and scale with the growth of an organization. Atlassian Cloud, for example, offers tiered packages based on user volume, ranging from under 500 to 10,000 and beyond—enabling organizations to be adaptable and cost-effective by only paying exactly for the performance they need.

2) What Level of Support is Needed? 

Cloud migration and implementation can be complex tasks, as organizations must ensure that apps don’t lose data or functionality during the process. If an organization’s IT team doesn’t have prior experience in these areas, finding a cloud partner that offers support is invaluable, streamlining the process and reducing the risk of error or unplanned downtime. Even teams proficient in cloud migration can benefit from cloud solution IT support that can take care of routine operational tasks, such as fixing bugs and installing security patches, and ultimately freeing up the team’s time for cloud implementation and revenue-generating tasks. 

Atlassian Cloud offers varying levels of support, with the most robust package providing an around-the-clock dedicated senior support team. Organizations needing even more support configuring and optimizing Atlassian Cloud solutions can also look to an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner such as Contegix. For example, Contegix’s team of experts can provide guidance and hands-on support from migration preparation to implementation and ongoing maintenance and management. 

3) Who Handles Compliance?

Depending on the industry, it’s critical businesses adhere to necessary compliance standards, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS and FedRAMP. Upholding compliance requires a deep understanding of rules and requirements, many of which can be complex and evolving. The IT team at an organization may not be compliance specialists. Before beginning migration, it’s imperative to look for an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner that is authorized in these standards and can handle security and guarantee compliance to protect sensitive workloads, such as Contegix. Ensuring adherence can also speed up migration and implementation, reducing the costly risk of penalties and data leaks. 

4) How Long Will the Migration Take?

Migrating to cloud isn’t a process that happens overnight. A successful migration involves weeks of planning and involves strategic budgeting of a team’s time and resources on top of the hands-on work that’s needed to execute the migration when it’s time. 

Instead of taxing IT teams with the task of migration, companies can lean on a cloud solution provider to streamline and offload the process. Contegix will provide a high level of detail and guidance during backups, data management as well as multiple rounds of user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure migration is seamless.  

Cloud Adoption Made Easy 

As organizations continue to adapt to new ways of doing business, utilizing a high-performing cloud environment will become a critical tool for success—thanks to cloud’s ability to support growing organizations as they scale, access their work from anywhere, make updates to IT infrastructure without downtime and more.  

By leveraging the power of Atlassian’s robust project collaboration tools, and the experience and expertise of a certified Atlassian Platinum Solutions provider like Contegix, any organization can stay relevant and competitive in today’s fast-moving marketplace. 

Take the leap from cloud-curious to cloud-bound with confidence. Download “Considering Atlassian Cloud? An 8-Step Decision Framework” to learn more.