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A Closer Look at 3 Services An Atlassian Government Partner Can Provide

By Michael Brown

Efficiency is a common goal for government agencies—especially as the White House Office of the National Cyber Director has recently announced it will be analyzing performance data as part of an effort to measure federal agencies' performance.

But due to specific security and compliance considerations that are unique to federal agencies, implementing more efficient systems and processes can be complex. Agencies generally require specific security access controls and background clearances for their systems, and certain tools like the Atlassian suite can require high levels of documentation. Additionally, add ons and apps that are common in commercial deployments can’t always be used in federal systems. A partner like Contegix can help ensure agencies’ system tools and implementations are secure and compliant to improve their team’s efficiency and security. 

Contegix has helped many government agencies transform their internal capabilities, including Platform One, the Air Combat Command of The United States Air Force (USAF ACC), and The United States Air Force. From upholding security requirements to conducting large-scale migrations and optimizing systems efficiency, here’s a closer look at how Contegix helps government agencies bring their operations to the next level.