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Atlassian Updates for Spring 2024

By Elizabeth Clor

Half of agile practitioners agree that their organizations are held back by one key obstacle: legacy tools. Even when most work is completed in an agile environment, a muddle of tools that don’t all follow agile practices can hold all parts of the organization back, stymieing collaboration and process improvement. Leveling up these tools to an agile alternative can move the whole organization forward and create greater business value. 

Embodying the agile value of iterative improvement, incoming updates to Atlassian tools will fuel more effective workflows across and between platforms. These updates bolster Atlassian’s position as the leading agile work software provider—and strengthen the case for transitioning away from a mixed toolstack including legacy components to a more integrated solution. 

From Jira Software to Bitbucket to Confluence, learn how updates this spring will deliver even more seamless collaboration to end users. 

Easier access across all products

Atlassian tools are known for their seamless integration: shared information and easy collaboration across tools helps save time and eliminate confusion. A few key updates to all Atlassian platforms will increase their ease of access and utility. 

Some of these updates, like in-product cookie controls to multi-org domain claims, will add simple but important functionality to increase platform utility. Others, like a faster and more reliable backup and restore process, now available in Beta, will make the Atlassian toolstack a more attractive option for those still struggling with a mix of agile and legacy tools. 

Information at your fingertips in Bitbucket

Faster CI/CD builds in Bitbucket will allow users to configure higher CPU and memory allocations for your builds, enabling faster execution and larger build sizes. Plus, Dynamic Pipelines will allow you to augment (or replace) static YAML pipeline configurations with code-based dynamic logic, executed at runtime.

Other features will make Bitbucket easier to navigate and even leverage AI to put information where you need it. Using iterative code review, code reviewers can save time by using the iterative view of a pull request, focusing only on the code changes since their latest review. And coming to Beta, AI-assisted pull request descriptions will be a game changer: Powered by Atlassian Intelligence, Bitbucket Cloud will automatically draft a pull request description based on the code changes being made.

Supercharging collaboration in Confluence

In the upcoming release of Confluence, users can expect a suite of enhancements aimed at improving collaboration and productivity. First and foremost, commenting capabilities are growing, allowing users to provide feedback on a wider array of content objects. And new comments will pop up without the need for page reloads, streamlining the collaboration process. New view options will be introduced in Page edit mode, too, enabling users to navigate more seamlessly and reference the content tree as they edit pages. 

Another notable addition is the drag-and-drop functionality for table rows and columns, facilitating quick and intuitive reordering of table content. The release will also mark the debut of Confluence Whiteboards, providing users with a native platform to brainstorm, strategize, and visualize work directly within Confluence. 

Finally, new integrations with JSM leave users a lot to look forward to. This release will integrate Jira Service Management Assets into Confluence, allowing for seamless sharing and access of assets data. Users will have the capability to create Jira Service Management incidents directly from Confluence, leveraging Automation for Confluence to streamline incident management workflows. These updates underscore Atlassian's commitment to empowering teams with robust collaboration tools and streamlined workflows.