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Atlassian Hosting: Advantages of using a FedRAMP-Authorized Provider

By Kenna Poulos

One of the most challenging topics any IT team might find themselves struggling with is Federal security compliance.  FedRAMP compliance is notoriously difficult to achieve. Layering on the complexity of supporting a development team who needs specific application support for their Atlassian dev tools can make this challenge seem impossible.

That’s where a third-party hosting and managed support partner can save the day. They can make this seemingly unachievable task simple.


Above all else, FedRAMP is a security driven compliance. If your company is doing business with the Federal Government, FedRAMP is likely a firm requirement.  Achieving FedRAMP-authorization is difficult, so finding a hosting partner that offers FedRAMP compliance can be a challenge. If you do find a hosting provider that can offer FedRAMP compliant hosting, you may still be on the hook for managing everything from logical access controls to log aggregation. It is even more difficult to find a hosting provider than can also support at the application level.  Finding a hosting partner who understands the intricacies of development teams and, in particular, Atlassian tools might seem impossible.

FedRAMP compliance requires a great deal of focus and specialty from a hosting provider. Chances are, your internal IT team and Atlassian application admins are not FedRAMP compliance specialists. One of the biggest advantages of leveraging a FedRAMP compliant provider is that you do not need to reinvent the wheel. You can rely on an existing Authority to Operate (ATO) that shaves off months of deployment timeframes and security compliance management.


Managed FedRAMP hosting for your Atlassian tools through a provider allows your internal teams to focus on using the tools and not managing red tape and compliance.

Some of the specific service advantages you can receive for your Atlassian hosting needs on our FedRAMP compliant service platform are comprehensive monitoring for security and compliance, performance tuning and application optimization, managed OS level patches, security fixes, updates, and upgrades.



Additionally, leveraging a FedRAMP-authorized partner for your Atlassian needs will allow your team to satisfy operation and logical controls that frequently become burdensome for internal IT.  Certified compliance processes assure you will receive the highest level of support for Physical Access Controls, Logical Access Controls, Network Access Controls, and general security policy requirements. All of this means that your team will be able to spend more time using your Atlassian dev tools and less time managing compliance and security.


Getting the best performance out of your Atlassian apps in a more restrictive FedRAMP compliant hosting platform can be a challenge. Be sure to find hosting provider that’s an expert on Atlassian environments. They can architect an environment that will get you the best of both worlds, compliance and performance.

Enter Contegix, the only Atlassian-focused, cloud application service provider that offers managed FedRAMP compliant hosting platforms.

We have been hosting and supporting Atlassian applications since their inception in 2002. By managing the compliance framework and providing expert support for your Atlassian applications, you can sleep soundly knowing your critical data is secure and well taken care of. If you are interested in learning more about Managed Atlassian Hosting and how Contegix can help relieve the burden of compliance management through our FedRAMP compliant hosting platform, reach out today!