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Atlassian and Contegix: A 20-Year Partnership

By Elizabeth Clor

Just as Contegix started as a software company before growing into the Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner it is today, Atlassian itself began more than 20 years ago as a company creating tools to support other companies’ customer support teams to help businesses operate more efficiently. Atlassian, now an industry leader for software developer tools, at one point needed a hosting provider. And Contegix, albeit a growing organization itself, was there to answer the call.

Now, 20 years later, both companies have arrived at different places than they started thanks to this unrivaled business relationship. Contegix stepping in to provide hosting and cloud services at a critical juncture helped set Atlassian on its path to becoming a leading software company. And Atlassian’s resultant growth meant that Contegix could leverage its long period of expertise with Atlassian and its products to pivot from a software company into a leading support partner for Atlassian tools. Here’s more about the origins of this partnership and how it still informs Contegix’s offerings today. 

From a plugin solution to a true partnership

So how did the two companies first get acquainted? Before Atlassian branched into software development, they relied on a Java plug-in to support their customer base—a plug-in that Contegix had developed. This simple connection sparked a lasting business relationship that endured as both companies grew and developed their offerings. While Contegix was expanding into hosting services for many of its software development clients, Atlassian was looking for hosting for its flagship Jira product. 

Atlassian knew Contegix had the expertise to host and deploy its software, and Contegix became the initial cloud platform for Atlassian in 2003—itself now a company reliant on cloud-based software. “The early versions of the cloud platform, Jira Studio, known better today as Atlassian Cloud, was built by Contegix and Atlassian, hand in hand,” said Matthew Porter, co-founder of Contegix. In fact, Contegix even periodically placed their own employees in Atlassian offices for close contact as the companies were in periods of growth. 

Being Atlassian’s cloud before they offered a cloud infrastructure themselves paved the way for Contegix to be experts in all things Atlassian, even helping to occasionally spot security issues. Once, when Atlassian’s site briefly went down, Atlassian customers contacted Contegix, knowing they were the site host. Contegix helped diagnose and alert Atlassian about their expired domain responsible for downtime. While Atlassian worked to resolve the issue, the Contegix team took down by hand several customer orders for Jira to deliver to Atlassian.

Why Contegix’s early expertise with Atlassian still matters today

Thanks to this shared history between the two companies, Contegix is uniquely positioned to give Atlassian customers access to additional support networks that enhance their experience using Atlassian tools. Contegix began consulting Atlassian users in 2008 on how to best leverage their toolset with customizations that maximize the capabilities of Atlassian applications, becoming a Platinum Solutions Partner the same year. As Contegix continued to grow and shape its operations, supporting Atlassian products became a major focus of the business.

As a Platinum Solution Partner, Contegix has completed thousands of hours of Atlassian-specific professional development to meet the highest training criteria and gain certifications and specializations across the Atlassian tool suite.Today, any company that uses Atlassian products can also partner with Contegix to support everything from managed tool assistance, private and public cloud deployments, application support services and more.  

For the past 20 years, and countless more years into the future, Contegix will continue to support customers’ use of Atlassian’s product offerings. The team is dedicated to amplifying Atlassian tools, the business success surrounding them, and the security infrastructure required to support them. 

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