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Are Your Cloud Services Lagging? How Managed Services Can Improve 3 Common AWS Performance Issues

By Elizabeth Clor

Despite the rapid growth of cloud adoption, increasing by 25% in the last year alone, cloud environments are still notoriously complex for most organizations to manage. 

Popular cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) offer a seemingly unlimited array of capabilities and features. While choice isn’t a bad thing, with hundreds of services and thousands of capabilities available, how can an organization decide what infrastructure configuration best fits its needs?  

Streamlined cloud infrastructure management and optimization improves scalability, boosts performance and becomes more cost-effective. With a fully managed AWS solution from a cloud partner like Contegix, organizations can not only receive expert support in making the right cloud decisions, but also ensure cloud applications run smoothly. 

Choice overload is just one factor adding to today’s complexity in managing an AWS cloud infrastructure. Here are three more of the most common issues organizations face when selecting and managing their AWS cloud, and how Contegix’s AWS platform management services can optimize cloud use. 

Picking the wrong cloud services

It's easy for organizations to direct their frustration at underperforming cloud services at cloud providers. But user error in selecting the wrong cloud computing service is one of the most common culprits for lagging service—and it can snowball into larger performance issues.

For example, an organization may use a file or block storage system, when object storage would actually provide the best performance for their cloud apps. Excess of choice, combined with a lack of expertise, can make it difficult for organizations to devise the optimal cloud setup for their needs. 

Solution: Contegix can help organizations pick the right cloud services that are properly implemented on AWS from deployment to full-scale operation, helping keep performance high. Contegix’s seasoned experts can assess your organization’s specific cloud needs and provide direct support to optimize cloud services for ideal performance. 

Rushed migration or misconfiguration 

The pandemic accelerated cloud adoption plans for many organizations, and consequences of those rushed migrations are starting to show. On average, organizations have 14 misconfigured cloud services running at any given time, while overall, 93% of recent cloud deployments had some misconfigured cloud storage services. 

Aside from being the number one cause of cloud security breaches, rushed cloud migrations can also affect the actual performance of cloud apps and services. These misconfigurations can lead to everything from container and virtualization issues to system outages and unexpected downtimes, which also introduce expensive, unexpected costs. 

Solution: Contegix’s AWS management services thoroughly assess an organization’s cloud needs and outline the path required to ensure optimal performance and security across cloud deployments. Contegix’s cloud experts provide hands-on guidance to implement secure, compliant cloud migrations, while optimizing cloud platforms to enable scalability, high performance and high availability, at a lower cost. 

Poor application responsiveness and uptime 

When a system is experiencing slow load times or downtime, it usually means the network has become unavailable or unresponsive, or is not performing up to task. Slow website performance or application downtime can be caused by a number of issues. While these problems are often associated with unavoidable factors—such as cyberattacks, network outages or sudden overloads of web traffic—some causes of poor site responsiveness and uptime are also due to human error. 

Improper cloud configurations, bad deployments and monitoring gaps are some of the most common causes for poor performance and downtime. In fact, many issues leading to poor performance and downtime are organizational, and the result of siloed, overtasked or understaffed IT teams. 

Solution: The key to successfully maintaining server uptime and performance is a combination of strategic planning, diligence and troubleshooting expertise. Contegix’s knowledgeable cloud engineers not only address complex issues as they arise, but also unearth root causes of performance-plaguing problems. Contegix’s AWS management solutions provide hands-on guidance about how to improve and optimize cloud resources and management to keep services online and running at peak performance.  

With the help of Contegix’s managed services, organizations can easily troubleshoot cloud issues and improve the health and performance of their AWS cloud instances. In doing so, they can eliminate laggy services, mitigate security risks, improve scalability, enhance overall performance and ensure cost-effectiveness across their suite of cloud services. 

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