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5 Must Have Confluence Add-Ons

By Megan Berkery

Atlassian’s Confluence is an excellent team collaboration tool with many built-in features. The built-in features don’t cover every use needed by the thousands of companies who incorporate this application into their workflow. Instead of trying to be a one-size-fits-all solution, Atlassian has a marketplace filled with Confluence add-ons for extending and adding specific features. Here are 5 options for increasing the flexibility of Confluence within the business.

  1. Gliffy Confluence Plugin: This is one of the most popular additions to Confluence. It provides a diagramming tool to help team members communicate with each other in more visual ways, create additional visual appeal within wiki frameworks, and assist with collaboration.
  2. Balsamiq Mockup for Confluence: This tool creates wireframes for UI mockups and other purposes to help with visual collaboration between team members.
  3. SQL for Confluence: Businesses who have a substantial amount of data in SQL databases will appreciate the ability to access it and parse it for business intelligence through Confluence. This add-on also has security measures that help fine tune exactly which users can add or edit information within the SQL databases.
  4. Brikit Theme Press for Confluence: Does the default Confluence theme intimidate end users and lower adoption rates within the company? The Theme Press provides an easy-to-use platform for creating inviting and mobile-ready themes for the team. This add-on is excellent for companies utilizing Confluence as an intranet or as a further required business resource.
  5. Comala Workflows: Extend the project management features of Confluence with this workflow. It adds review assignment and approvals, gives page state control, and automatically creates compliance reports. It’s easy to task specific employees or an entire team to review pages, publish content, and manage documentation.

Confluence has many add-ons to transform the application into the perfect tool for your business. Need hosting for your confluence instance so you can have all the add ons you want? Contact Contegix. We are Atlassian’s preferred hosting provider. We will install, configure, monitor and upgrade your instance.