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3 Workflow Challenges Solved By Jira Product Discovery

By Elizabeth Clor

Product discovery teams are vital in a company’s ability to deliver value to customers: they conduct research and gather insights to understand user needs, identify market opportunities, and define product requirements. When done successfully, every product in development meets the proven needs and expectations of the target audience. However, product discovery teams often utilize several tools to aggregate vital information, from user research to data analytics—and these disparate platforms can create lapses in communication, confusion, and wasted time and energy for team members. 

In recent years, software sprawl has become a familiar struggle across the enterprise, as teams working digitally use several applications to patch together the communication infrastructure they need to get work done. This sprawl doesn’t just threaten work efficiency: disorganized communication increases the risk of missing the mark when it comes to what users need and want from their products. Product discovery teams need a single source of information that helps connect customer insights to product ideas to roadmaps—that is, that supports the way product discovery teams actually work.  

Newly released this spring, Jira Product Discovery (JPD) is a Jira-native product discovery and management solution. Bringing together several important functions that product discovery teams rely on, Jira Product Discovery helps product teams stay aligned around a single source of truth.

Eliminate Sprawl and Boost Collaboration with More Efficient Insight Collection

In order to fuel collaboration, product discovery teams need an effective channel of communication, especially when dispersed across locations. From initial data collection and ideation, to concrete planning and roadmaps, JPD allows product discovery teams to collect all of their information, ideas, and insights in one place, keeping dispersed teams on the same page. As one user aptly describes, “Jira Product Discovery combines everything I was doing in spreadsheets and Powerpoints into one easy-to-navigate tool. Plus everything is added straight into Jira, instead of requiring some third-party tool to integrate.” 

This centralized collection of data and brainstorming processes in one place allows team members to align around a shared vision housed in a single workspace. By providing a communication framework for product discovery, JPD helps gather ideas, organize priorities, and plan workflows right alongside the product ideation and data. With this centralized workspace, product discovery teams can stay aligned and easily reference workflows and ideas while collaborating. 

Like any work management software, the effective use of this tool depends on the right configuration and implementation. With these pieces in place, organizations can ensure a smooth transition and maximize the value of JPD. When migrating to Jira Product Discovery, organizations can benefit from partnering with an external expert like Contegix. External partners can provide comprehensive support, from configuring JPD and integrating it with existing tools and workflows, to onboarding, to ongoing maintenance and monitoring to ensure that teams receive the most value from the tool. 

Integrate with External Tools to Collect and Analyze Customer Data 

JPD leverages the power of the Atlassian Marketplace to allow seamless integration with external tools, enabling product teams to collect and analyze customer data. By integrating tools like Google Chrome, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Salesforce, and more, JPD brings together their useful information in one place for easy access, empowering teams to generate new product concepts and features more easily and holistically. This integration facilitates data-driven decision-making and ensures that customer insights are readily available within the Jira workspace.

External integrations are most powerful when selected and implemented carefully, to meet an organization’s specific needs. In order to harness the full power of these external integrations, Contegix can help teams design and implement integrations. As an Atlassian Platinum Solutions Partner, Contegix specializes in crafting custom configurations that allow organizations to get the most out of their Atlassian tools. When data and insights are fed into JPD properly, they can remain linked to the product all the way through its ideation and development timeline. 

Keep all Stakeholders in the Loop

Product discovery teams need to communicate with one another, but they also need to be able to share their thinking with development teams, and clearly communicate how an idea for a product meets current market needs. If product discovery teams are already struggling to organize their information for internal use, sharing it with other teams in an effective, clear, and traceable way can be even more challenging. 

Addressing this problem, Jira Product Discovery operates directly within Jira, providing product teams with a communication framework to collaborate effectively with other departments. Additionally, JPD seamlessly integrates with other teams' interfaces, eliminating the need for external tools and promoting cross-functional collaboration. For instance, a Jira Service Management user can link a ticket within a Confluence article, and a JPD user can reference it while fine-tuning an idea for a relevant feature. 

By granting stakeholders across the enterprise access to product ideas, data, insights, and roadmaps, JPD ensures that everyone remains organized and on the same page. Plus, the flexibility and granular access permissions of Jira enable teams to control visibility and provide stakeholders with the relevant information they need. Contegix can work with teams to ensure every member has access to the data they need, and help customize workflows for better organization. In turn, these seamless connections allow agile workflows to run smoothly and optimally, meaning that everyone involved can do their best work. 

Reach out to Contegix today to assess your product discovery needs and determine if Jira Product Discovery makes sense for your organization.