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3 Ways Contegix Builds Better Customer Experiences

By Elizabeth Clor

In a recent Atlassian survey, 57 percent of respondents said their team isn’t operating as efficiently as it should—and 12 percent say this disorganization is letting their stakeholders down. Structured support can make the difference between success and failure, and as workforces remain hybrid or even fully remote, many companies are struggling to create a sound connective tissue with existing tech and workflows.

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Contegix provides end-to-end support for Atlassian tools, from demonstrating how they can support organizational goals to providing customized optimizations and ongoing assistance after implementation.

Partnering with Contegix can lead to reduced cost, increased clarity about internal roles, and streamlined system operations. Here’s a closer look at three ways Contegix works hands-on to deliver custom solutions to customer challenges.  

Reducing Costs with a Successful Cloud Migration for Liquid Agency

A successful cloud migration can lead to lowered costs, increased efficiency, and a secure environment for remote work. Liquid Agency, a brand strategy and services company, tapped Contegix to help transition their outdated on-premise Jira installation with the sudden shift to remote work.

During the planning phase, Contegix identified add-ons that were not necessary for Liquid’s basic use of Jira. Contegix and Liquid worked together to optimize the add-ons to make sure that once the new cloud infrastructure was up and running, it would be as streamlined as possible for the Liquid team. In addition to lowering costs, removing the extra add-ons also made a big impact on how quickly and effectively the migration process went.

Now, after a successful cloud migration, Liquid’s team no longer has to worry about making sure the servers are patched or maintained. Contegix offers expert guidance to keep the cloud server updated, and Liquid can focus on things like maintaining its user base.

Delivering Custom Plugins and Internal Organization for IHMA

With any software adoption, it's important for users to understand clearly defined roles and responsibilities to be able to use applications effectively. IHMA, an antimicrobial drug development company, brought on Contegix for support in replacing unorganized workflows. Because the current system setup made it difficult for employees to identify who was responsible for handling specific IT requests, IHMA’s team couldn’t respond efficiently to requests, which were often redundant.

Contegix designed and installed custom Jira workflows that helped teams locate specific data and project owners in order to execute their tasks more easily. The customization involved using epics to auto-assign and route service tickets to the correct person, eliminating the need for employees to spend time manually responding to tickets.

After installing Jira, Contegix made sure the team was fully onboarded. To help make the new system familiar to users, they used the Refined plugin to customize Jira's look and feel, making the program feel branded to IHMA's processes and functions. With a new, familiar structure, IHMA was able to customize their training process to be targeted towards individual needs, which resulted in a quicker turnaround on Jira instruction.

Simplifying Jira Workflows and Optimizing Roadmaps for Terminix

Application customizations exist to help boost efficiency and user understanding, but too much of a good thing can lead to a level of complexity that causes system inefficiency. For pest control company Terminix, each team that used Jira had its own system of projects. As use of the system expanded, the platform became unnecessarily bulky.

Contegix identified that Terminix had four core project styles and could simplify their back end by taking advantage of the scheme approaches in Jira. To address this, Contegix helped Terminix layer Jira Service Management on top of the platform. Thanks to the new processes, Terminix is able to centralize all incoming requests for IT partnerships, which previously required multiple tools to manage. By standardizing their approach, the work is less prone to human error and runs more efficiently.

By partnering with an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner like Contegix, companies gain a developed insight into their internal software. Contegix can help improve system operations, add customized settings for efficiency and make tailored application changes that fit each team’s needs as they evolve.

Looking to streamline operations or boost overall efficiency? Learn more about how Contegix can provide solutions tailored to your organization's needs.