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Don’t Migrate Alone: How to Navigate a Successful Cloud Migration

As organizations consider or prepare for a cloud migration, there is a great emphasis on evaluating the benefits of cloud and ensuring requirements are met with speed and security. With the growing focus to adopt Atlassian cloud, having an experienced Atlassian Platinum Solution partner can be a major asset to navigating a successful migration without disruptions.

In this video, we share how migrating to Atlassian Cloud, hosted on industry-leading cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables teams to deliver that sought after quality innovation with more speed and security than ever before. Applying best practices in addition to understanding which AWS services to leverage will not only help improve business continuity but streamline the migration process for success.

Topics covered:
  ✓ Five leading reasons why to migrate to Atlassian cloud
  ✓ Understanding the benefits of working with a Partner
  ✓ Importance of roadmap whether for a migration or feature development
  ✓ Key tips to accelerate & pitfalls to avoid during migration
  ✓ Benefits of the AWS and Atlassian Partnership
  ✓ A look at the AWS Shared Responsibility Model
  ✓ AWS security services that Atlassian leverages
  ✓ Migrate your databases securely with AWS DMS
  ✓ Benefits using AWS Schema Conversion Tool
  ✓ Using DataSync to migrate active data sets or archives to AWS



Tyler Brown



Adam Brace

Cloud Solution Architect


Angela Bartlett

AWS Cloud Representative

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