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3 Best Practices for a Successful Atlassian Cloud Migration

Planning for a successful move to Cloud can present many challenges without proper preparation and effective strategy in place. Knowing the best practices ahead of time help streamline the migration process with minimal disruption and valuable results. In this video, you will learn efficient preparing techniques and the importance of assessing capabilities, processes, and governance before migrating.

Our expert covers the following:

  • 3:02 Tools and processes to review during assessment
  • 4:55 Importance of workshops with stakeholders
  • 5:45 How to develop a migration plan
  • 6:50 Identifying opportunities to improve processes
  • 7:45 Understanding steps to prepare strategic roadmap
  • 8:40 Developing a Runbook, detailed action plan
  • 9:15 Ways to properly test the assessment of the migration
  • 10:50 Performing a system integration testing
  • 12:55 Identifying if timelines need to be changed
  • 13:05 Tips to execute the migration and runbook
  • 14:30 Performing final testing and UAT to confirm success

Contegix is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and has years of experience implementing effective processes and tools for organizations of all sizes and complexities. Contact us to learn how applying best practices can strengthen teams’ efficiencies and ensure optimal performance into the future!


James Hunt

Principal Atlassian Consultant, Contegix

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