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The Complete Guide to Jira Workflows

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Improve Your Business Processes

Our Complete Guide to Jira Workflows shows you how to either get started with Jira workflows or improve the ones you already have running. Download the guide to learn more about: 

  • Setting up a workflow
  • Understanding the terminology
  • Customizing/optimizing workflows
  • and more!

eBook Preview:

Jira Workflows allow teams to define the processes required to meet their business goals. By defining and deploying workflows in Jira, you can establish standardized processes for all the projects teams manage. From handling customer service tickets to onboarding a new team member, teams use Jira workflows for almost any process imaginable. Workflows keep everyone aligned and on schedule, and they’re one of Jira’s most powerful features.

This is a comprehensive guide to understanding and using Jira workflows. It discusses the major components of workflows, how to create them, and how to craft workflows that fit your organization.